Braving your critics: 6 lessons on loving criticism
Posted on 08-12-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

Criticism can be hard for some to take. Sometimes it can hurt while other times it can truly be constructive. But how can you learn to love criticism? Thanks to employees at Inc . here are 6 lessons to consider: 1. Keep an internal file “I get a sense when criticism is coming. It may be because... Read More

So Your Ex Quit Their Job...Now What Do You Do?
Posted on 03-10-2015 by Matthew S. Blado

With the national economy making positive strides, and the unemployment rate down more than 4% from the same period in 2010, worry about involuntary termination of employment is less of a concern for parties' involved in a divorce cases in California . But what happens if the other party voluntarily... Read More

Tips for Divorced Taxpayers
Posted on 03-05-2015 by Rosanne M. Beach

By now, it's likely that you've heard the H&R Block commercials or you are at least aware of their well-advertised "Get Your Billion Back America" campaign. H&R Block, like many other tax service companies, is clearly committed to pushing for consumers to use their services... Read More

Gwyneth Paltrow is Proof that Divorce Doesn't Have to be Ugly
Posted on 02-26-2015 by Rosanne M. Beach

Gwyneth Paltrow's split from Coldplay's lead vocalist, Chris Martin, has been anything but ugly. Most celebrity divorces are buzzed about because of the crazy scandals that supposedly caused the divorce and the long-drawn out fights over money and custody that typically ensue. However, Paltrow... Read More

Health Insurance and Divorce 101
Posted on 02-05-2015 by Rosanne M. Beach

During marriage, it is pretty common for one spouse to have health insurance coverage provided through his/her employer and to cover the other spouse and the couple's children under that plan. How will a divorce affect both the spouse's and the children's coverage during the divorce proceedings... Read More

I Filed for Divorce - Can I Change My Mind?
Posted on 01-20-2015 by Jaime Teuchert-Cage

It is not uncommon for spouses who have filed for divorce to question their decision to end the marriage multiple times throughout the process . Getting a divorce is life-changing for both spouses. Sometimes, after one or both parties realize the implications of divorce, they begin to reconsider whether... Read More

Complex Issues - Required Financial Disclosures in Divorce
Posted on 01-07-2015 by Jaime Teuchert-Cage

We often blog about the statutory requirement in all California divorces for divorcing parties to exchange complete financial disclosures. The required disclosure documents consist substantially of an Income and Expense Declaration and a Schedule of Assets and Debts. Through the completion of these documents... Read More

Tips for a High Conflict Child Custody Dispute
Posted on 12-30-2014 by Jaime Teuchert-Cage

Despite the oppositional nature of family law, many cases are able to proceed through the court system with little to no hostility between the parties. However, for a variety of reasons, some cases are so high conflict that the parties' lives are consumed by their family law matter. This high conflict... Read More

Supervised Visitation as a Safeguard in Custody Cases
Posted on 12-10-2014 by Rosanne M. Beach

The state of California has a public policy to promote the best interest of the child when his/her parents have a custody or visitation matter in family court. In addition to promoting frequent and continuous contact with the child, the courts must make sure that the child is safe and protected. Sometimes... Read More

Clients loathe all the “yap yap yap” & “yada yada yada.” 6 ways to upgrade your client communications #writinglegally
Posted on 10-14-2014 by Ted Zwayer

First, let me say that the potential for ironic failure in this blog post is not lost on me. Here I am, communicating with you on how to communicate effectively. Like the applicant who notes their attention to detail but doesn’t spot the numerous typos in their CV, I could be opening myself up... Read More

Attorney-Client Privilege in the Age of Digital Leaks, Peeks and Breaches
Posted on 09-30-2014 by Meredith H

Photo Credit: Oleksiy Mark / Massive. The word almost seems inadequate. Maybe colossal or astronomical would be better. Anyway, “a lot” of data has been gathered, breached, lost and leaked in recent months at a rate, it’s safe to say, surpassing any other time in our... Read More

Social Media Ruined My Marriage But Helped My Divorce
Posted on 09-18-2014 by Rosanne M. Beach

Photo Credit: Quka / In this day in age, social media seems to run our lives. We wake up in the morning and check our Facebook account. We upload a photo of our breakfast to Instagram. And we tweet about how our day at work is going. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter... Read More

Does My Child's Custody Preference Count?
Posted on 09-17-2014 by Jaime Teuchert-Cage

At the core of a custody dispute in a divorce is your child. You may think that the child should be in your sole custody but your spouse might wholly disagree and think that the child should be in his sole custody. The court will take the both sides' arguments into consideration when determining... Read More

You Can Beat Your Client, But You Can’t Beat Karma
Posted on 08-28-2014 by Jeff Weaver

Header image by Flazingo Photos on Flickr , CC BY-SA 2.0 Would you ever tell an interested prospective client, “I don’t think our firm is a good fit for your organization”? Would you ever dare to refer an existing client to a competing law firm? Would you ever admit a mistake... Read More

9 Tips To Bring Out the Rainmaker in You via the ABA
Posted on 08-07-2014 by Tracie Morris

Securing your first legal job may seem like the biggest hurdle you will have to face for a while. Yet, from the start of your legal career, you must learn to balance being the most effective advocate for your current clients with developing ways to attract new clients and retain current clients. Partners... Read More

It’s Social Media Day, but why should you care? Hard proof that LinkedIn works ... from a lawyer
Posted on 06-30-2014 by Travis Burchart

The work of a lawyer is intellectually rigorous, demanding and you must be able to show that you have the intelligence and ability to absorb, assimilate and analyze complex material very quickly. And, the countess hours spent both inside and outside a classroom outweigh the societal norms of a “normal... Read More

A Path to Partner—An Interview on Business Development and Passion with Partner Charles Macedo
Posted on 06-19-2014 by Tracie Morris

Charles R. Macedo is a partner at Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP , an intellectual property law boutique located in midtown Manhattan. Mr. Macedo is an authority on intellectual property issues. He is the author of The Corporate Insider’s Guide to U.S. Patent Practice and a frequent contributor... Read More

Its National Martini Day: How a 3-Martini lunch can help you better connect with clients
Posted on 06-19-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

In celebration of ‘National Martini Day’ here are a few considerations about how a 3-Martini lunch can help you better connect with your clients. As reported by Forbes in the article Why The Three Martini Lunch Worked , this is an opportunity for agencies and clients to take the time to talk... Read More

I Know It's A Shock, But Law Firms Are Jeopardizing Client Information
Posted on 05-30-2014 by Doug Esten

Would it surprise you to learn that lawyers talk a good game, but rarely follow through substantively? Well, in that case here's a dog-bites-man story for you: lawyers are quick to share their concern about maintaining the security of their clients' files and not so quick to invest in the technology... Read More

6 Reasons To Fire A Client Forbes
Posted on 05-06-2014 by Hans Thielman

The advice that Nellie Akalp offers in this Forbes article would be applicable to any business professional, not just attorneys. Read More

Can Apps Make It Easier To Connect Consumers With Lawyers? Forbes
Posted on 05-03-2014 by Hans Thielman

The Getlawyer app referred to in this Forbes article is free for consumers. Lawyers who want to subscribe pay $39 a month. Bluetree does not charge a subscription fee. Instead, lawyers pay a $99 referral fee if they get a paying client through the service. Read More

LegalZoom business model OK’d by South Carolina Supreme Court ABA Journal
Posted on 04-25-2014 by Hans Thielman

The South Carolina Supreme Court has approved Legal Zoom's business model. In settling a lawsuit against it, Legal Zoom did pay the plaintiff's lawyer's $500,000. Read More

Dos & don'ts for reputation management: How should attorneys proceed in the digital age?
Posted on 04-24-2014 by Ted Zwayer

As a lawyer in today’s age, you now need to be aware of your reputation, especially on the Internet, more than ever. While it may be tempting to take shortcuts, both on and offline, you’ll have to put in good, old-fashioned work to achieve a great credibility with former clients and future... Read More

Client Service Is Not A "Frill"
Posted on 04-10-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

In society today, with information and technology growing at an explosive rate, many companies have made the mistake of hiring technically gifted people under the assumption that they can re-engineer any bad attitudes through sophisticated training programs; however, according to an article featured... Read More

What Lawyers Can Learn From Direct Marketers - Conversion Insights - Marketing for Small Law Firms
Posted on 04-02-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

There is a lot of truth to the article, " What Lawyers Can Learn from Direct Marketers ," via Conversion Insights , which goes across all industries and professions. The 5 direct marketing techniques to help power your legal marketing. Only speak to your 8s, 9s, and 10s: A great reminder... Read More