It's Time To Go (Solo That Is) - 15 Signs It's Time For The Change
Posted on 08-18-2015 by Christina Alge

Are you tired of working in firm or corporate environment? Have you ever thought to yourself “it’s time to go”? You wouldn’t be alone. Many people have considered leaving their current job to open a solo practice, but how do you know when it is time to go (solo that is)? According... Read More

Multimillionaire the self-made way: 7 steps to getting there
Posted on 06-26-2015 by Sudip Chaudhuri

We all have dreamed that we were a millionaire, but for some of us dreaming about was just not good enough. For those of you who want to reach that dream, Entrepreneur has 7 steps to getting there. 1. Decide to Be A Multimillionaire The first thing you have to do is decide you want to be a self-made... Read More

5 seconds to convince someone you're successful: 3 How-To’s
Posted on 06-08-2015 by Chad Troyan

We all make snap judgments and we make them real quick too. So how do we make a good impression, an impression that says “ I am successful ”? According Business Insider , give us three tips of how to convince someone you are successful. They received help thanks to insight from Sylvia... Read More

Law Grads: Being the best lawyer money “cannot” buy. 8 tips from the pro's
Posted on 06-01-2015 by Christina Alge

Whether you graduate at the top of your class or the bottom, everyone has the potential to be a GREAT attorney. Passing the Bar alone does not a “good” lawyer make. It is a necessary requirement but by no means the only—much less infallible—gauge of how one can use one’s... Read More

Opportunity, Cost of Living & Job Satisfaction: Top 25 U.S. Cities For Jobs This Year
Posted on 06-01-2015 by Chad Troyan

Photo Credit: Shutterstock /alphaspirit Are you currently scouring the job market? You probably have some sort of checklist of requirements you are looking for in your next job. More than likely one of those is the location of the job. In an article by Fast Company , Glassdoor released its’ results... Read More

The 4 C’s for Leading Change
Posted on 05-11-2015 by Jeff Weaver

Header image by Sohel Parvez Haque on Flickr , CC BY 2.0 Leading change is one of the most critical skills a leader can master. Why? Because we live in times where change is constant (intentional oxymoron!). Also, successfully leading change can yield tremendous dividends, while failed change efforts... Read More

2 worst days of the year to fly (and they're both ever so close)
Posted on 11-24-2014 by Chad Troyan

As turkeys everywhere are running for their lives (literally), many of us have been scouring the web in search for affordable plane tickets so we can spend the holiday with family and other loved ones. So how can you guarantee saving yourself money on your holiday trip? Well just avoid traveling... Read More

25 Things Skilled Learners Do Differently
Posted on 11-21-2014 by Chad Troyan

We may have been told that we were “unique” by our parents growing up and as we continued to grow up we were constantly met with this idea that we should separate ourselves from other; make ourselves stand out from the crowd. Life filled with organization of people one way or another; the... Read More

The Rise of Legal Jobs: They’re out there (just in rural America)
Posted on 10-23-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

What is one of the biggest fears students have as they approach graduation – finding their first job. While many law students find there aren’t job opportunities, there actually are, but in rural America. Married couple Cody Cooper and Mary DePuydt both finished law school in 2013 and moved... Read More

Monday Marvel: Today is American Business Women's Day. A list of the 2014 most powerful women in business. [via Fortune]
Posted on 09-22-2014 by Tracie Morris

Photo Credit: Sergey Nivens / Today is American Business Women’s Day marking the 1949 founding date of the American Business Women's Association whose mission is "to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves... Read More

Is It Possible To Be an Outside-The-Box Thinker And Be Old School?
Posted on 09-18-2014 by Ted Zwayer

Perry Mason was an outside-the-box thinker. He got to the truth with innovative solutions and by approaching his cases from unique angles. Although he’s a fictional character, the author from this article Why Outside-The-Box Thinkers Make The Best Lawyers via Above The Law assumes that lawyers... Read More

Some law schools now aiming to educate students as attorneys + entrepreneurs
Posted on 09-10-2014 by Sarah Patrick

According to an article by here are some ways different law schools are giving students a brighter future by making them into a versatile, tech-and-data competent lawyer with the hope they can find a promising career in niche law or by starting their own legal service. The Law Laboratory Reinvent... Read More

Packaging yourself to convince legal employers you’re right for the job: A hiring checklist
Posted on 08-18-2014 by Travis Burchart

Packaging yourself to convince legal employers you’re right for the job: A hiring checklist It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, especially when it comes to job hunting. But how can you better match your career attributes to the employer’s needs to make the sale? Here is some advice... Read More

Taking notes by hand (w/ pen & paper): A must for lawyers
Posted on 08-13-2014 by Tracie Morris

One of the most common objections to going paperless is from people who say they don’t want to read documents on a screen. That turns out to be a valid concern, but probably not because paper is inherently superior to screens. According to a recent article via the Lawyerist , Scientific American... Read More

An Open-Plan Office That Also Caters to Introverts
Posted on 08-08-2014 by rheamalhotra

Constant clicking of the computers. Loud screams through the phones. Frequent pacing up and down the aisles. Yet – this is where you are expected to get work done. Most employers suggest open office spaces in order to stimulate collaboration; however, recent studies have found that this setup is... Read More

Friday Distraction: Job Monogamy. Should employee engagement really be a measurable goal? [Infographic]
Posted on 08-08-2014 by Ted Zwayer

Employee engagement and retention are among the most talked about topics when operating a business. And, according to this infographic, 61 percent of employed workers are open to or are looking for a new job. Is job loyalty really dead? While today’s workers are more entrepreneurs than employees... Read More

7 (yawn) ways your boring resume bores just like everyone else's boring resume
Posted on 08-06-2014 by Tracie Morris

Your resume needs to do two things: It needs to capture the hiring manager’s attention—and it needs to motivate him or her to pick up the phone and call you for an interview. If you look and sound like everyone else, you have no competitive advantage. Therefore, you’ve provided the... Read More

The “Gold” Standard – What Is It & Does Your Firm Make The Cut?
Posted on 07-30-2014 by rheamalhotra

According to the Women in Law Empowerment Forum, female attorneys are making slow but steady gains in leadership roles at big law firms. One key development is that firms can now qualify for a “gold standard” certification, by enforcing the presence of female attorneys in the office. To... Read More

6 ways to write tightly & trim your legal briefs #writinglegally
Posted on 07-30-2014 by Travis Burchart

Lawyers make money being persuasive and concise writing allows you to cover more points than if you must omit some because your primary issue has filled the available pages. So remember, the most effective letter doesn’t bury the point in verbiage. To cut the verbiage from your writing, make sure... Read More

Lawyer Quits Her Job With Most Creative Departure Memo Ever
Posted on 07-25-2014 by Christina Alge

In our lives, at one time or another, we have all dreamed of quitting our “dreaded” job in a (possibly) somewhat creative manner. The vision of walking out during a meeting with your demanding boss, just not showing up one day or sending a rude text message to tenure your resignation has... Read More

Managing your livelihood like a millionaire - 5 ways millionaires approach their careers
Posted on 07-24-2014 by Travis Burchart

How do millionaires approach their careers? It should come as no surprise that the people who make the most money in their careers are the ones who display discipline, and who have a definitive sense of purpose and heavy duty resiliency. So, even if you don’t possess these skills now, it is very... Read More

"Rookie mistakes" happen, and much of the work of practicing law can't be - or at least isn't - taught in law school.
Posted on 07-03-2014 by rheamalhotra

They happen. You’re given leeway for a couple of mistakes. But where do you draw the line between a couple of innocent mistakes and being seen as incompetent? Desiree Moore is the President and Founder of Greenhorn Legal, LCC, and as an associate she made a major rookie mistake. Read the full... Read More

Itching to go solo? Prepare yourself with this solo quick start guide
Posted on 07-02-2014 by Doug Esten

About to go solo? The chance you are successful is below 50%. Discouraged? Don’t be. Understanding and mapping out your steps can be hard – so follow the Solo Quick-Start Guide published by the Associate’s Mind . Some of the key steps are, as follows: Set up financial Accounts:... Read More

10 Famous Law School Dropouts
Posted on 06-27-2014 by rheamalhotra

For those of you are already stressed about beginning law school next year – here is some motivational information you may not know. Here’s a list of 10 Law School dropouts who went on to lead their lives. So if you can get through law school – think about what you are capable of. ... Read More

Rejecting jargon in your law firm: 26 workplace words that need to be scrapped
Posted on 06-27-2014 by Christina Alge

Do you use any of the 26 words in your daily communications? According to a recent article via the Huffington Post , you should strike the following from your speech. touch base circle back bandwidth impactful utilize table the discussion deep dive engagement viral value-add one... Read More