Driving in a center turn lane
Posted on 06-30-2016 by Stephen Muhonen

A common roadway design in commercial areas involving a high volume of traffic includes the use of two lanes of travel going the same direction, then a center lane, then two lanes of travel going the opposite direction. It is the center lane that often causes confusion for motorists, thus leading to... Read More

Avoiding Personal Injuries Around School Buses
Posted on 06-30-2016 by Stephen Muhonen

School buses are yellow for a reason. They are bright, they stand out, they are visible. They need to be visible to motorists because these buses are carrying precious cargo; our children. Preventing personal injury and accidents and other collisions is extremely important, but all things considered... Read More

You Can Fight City Hall
Posted on 06-30-2016 by David Alexander

When it comes to personal injuries caused by the negligent or reckless acts of government employees, it is still possible to fight city hall and win. Snohomish County, Washington, just paid a million dollars to the family of a man who was killed by tear gas which sheriff's deputies negligently threw... Read More

When do I have to use my lights?
Posted on 04-22-2016 by Stephen Muhonen

Many car crashes and the resulting personal injuries that followed could have been prevented and avoided had the laws regarding the use of lights been followed. Idaho Code 49-903 mandates the use of lighted lamps and illuminating devices on automobiles, trucks and motorcycles at any time from sunset... Read More

The Lawn Dart Files: the Products Liability Case Part IV
Posted on 04-21-2016 by David Alexander

Kids today find it hard to believe that Lawn Darts were once a real thing. But once upon a time, society was willing to overlook the obvious dangers involved in a player hurling potentially deadly weapons at a target on the ground in the midst of a crowd of other players. The danger, we thought, was... Read More

The Lawn Dart Files: the Products Liability Case Part III
Posted on 04-13-2016 by David Alexander

Our verb to pelt (as in, "we pelted the kids on the other side of the street with snowballs," or "we pelted the kids from the other side of the street with lawn darts") comes from the ancient Greek word peltast. This word refers to a light infantryman who would throw javelins and... Read More

The Lawn Dart Files: the Products Liability Case Part II
Posted on 04-04-2016 by David Alexander

A lawn dart is a pretty simple mechanical device. It consists of a heavy, pointed metal shaft, connected to a longer, lighter plastic shaft with vanes, like the fletching on an arrow, about two-thirds of the way up. The remainder of the shaft acts as a handle for the thrower to grip. The vanes help... Read More

What are you up against and who has your back in a worker’s compensation claim?
Posted on 04-04-2016 by Fred Lewis

Worker’s compensation claims can be intimidating and foreign. Often you are against large insurance companies with scores of resources to back them up. They want to pay out as little as they have to. They will have experts to help them in their cause, and often it is in your best interest to get... Read More

Liability of Rental Car Company
Posted on 04-01-2016 by Stephen Muhonen

In Idaho, owners of motor vehicles are statutorily liable and responsible for the death or injury to a person or property resulting from negligence in the operation of his motor vehicle by any person using or operating the vehicle with the permission of the owner, and the negligence of the person shall... Read More

What is comparative negligence and how could it be applied to my case?
Posted on 04-01-2016 by Joshua Johnson

Comparative negligence is a legal concept that recognizes multiple parties may be responsible for causing a single accident. Many automobile accidents are caused by multiple people, including the injured party. Under Idaho’s comparative negligence law, an injured party who contributes to an accident... Read More

Wait until your worker’s compensation claim is Ripe!!
Posted on 03-25-2016 by Fred Lewis

Have you ever eaten a strawberry that wasn’t quite ripe yet? Let say for this illustration’s sake that you know the strawberry isn’t ripe yet, but it looks so inviting! The color is vibrant red and the aroma is intoxicating. Just looking at the little morsel your mouth begins to water... Read More

Pain, Suffering and Mental Anguish
Posted on 03-25-2016 by Stephen Muhonen

The law is pointedly clear that damages can be recovered in a personal injury matter due to pain and suffering, future pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, future loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, and other general damages. These types of damages are not capable of being reduced... Read More

I was involved in a crash and the other driver received the citation and paid it, so they are liable, correct?
Posted on 03-25-2016 by Stephen Muhonen

Not so fast in coming to a conclusion as conclusive as that! It is true that statutes, also referred to as the rules of the road, establish a fixed standard of conduct, by which the fact of negligence may be determined. When a person violates a statute which establishes the standard of care in a given... Read More

What Is Automobile Liability Insurance & Do I Have Enough?
Posted on 03-15-2016 by Joshua Johnson

Automobile Liability insurance in Idaho is the insurance a person carries that is meant to protect a vehicle driver and owner from the risk of being sued for causing a motor vehicle accident. Idaho law requires all drivers to have automobile liability insurance. The minimum amount of liability insurance... Read More

The Lawn Dart Files: the Products Liability Case Part I
Posted on 03-15-2016 by David Alexander

Remember lawn darts? Years ago, some executive at a sporting goods company had the bright idea of adapting an ancient Greek military weapon as a toy, creating a fun family yard game in which groups of children would hurl heavy steel darts at each other. Unlike ancient Spartan hoplites, however, children... Read More

Liability of Employer or Principal
Posted on 03-10-2016 by Stephen Muhonen

The doctrine of Respondeat Superior provides that an employer or principal is liable for the actions of their employees or agents while committed during the course and scope of their employment. This rule of law is extremely important in those scenarios where one sustains personal injuries due to the... Read More

Being Careful at the Work Place
Posted on 03-10-2016 by Fred Lewis

Work place accidents happen when we lose focus and go into kind go on auto-pilot. Don’t let this happen to you. Many life altering worker’s compensation claims result from just a moment of loss of concentration. Many of my clients that I represent in their Idaho workers’ compensation... Read More