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Vacation Time or Balance Time? For Lawyers, It’s Both! Articles That’ll Help Your Work-Life Balance & Your Spring Break Vacation
Posted on 02-22-2017 by Lextalk Admin

Goodbye snow. Hello spring. Goodbye work. Hello vacation. Spring is upon us, and if you’re a lawyer, maybe you’re planning a vacation for Spring Break. Or maybe not. For some lawyers, the word “vacation” is a difficult... Read More

Tags: Spring Break , Balance , time management , spring , vacation , work-life balance

Required Compensation Risk Analysis, Claw Backs and Mandatory Deferrals
Posted on 02-21-2017 by LexisNexis Tax Staff

by Alison Stemler * One of the main purposes of the Dodd-Frank Act is to promote financial stability in the US economy, including through a significant number of provisions relating to financial institutions. [Incentive-Based Compensation Arrangements... Read More

Tags: executive compensation , tax , claw backs , Dodd-Frank

Top 5 Fidget Toys for Lawyers
Posted on 02-21-2017 by Lauren Stemley

Ever find yourself fiddling with a rubber band or a clicker pen? Then it’s time to upgrade, lawyers! There’re hundreds of serious fidget toys on the market for those who also appreciate gadgetry. If all this talk is making you fidget, then... Read More

Tags: gadgets , lawyer , fidget , fidget toy

Lawyer-Mode: Find Your "On/Off Switch"
Posted on 02-16-2017 by Lauren Stemley

It's incredibly easy to say, "I'll just finish this up" when you should be in your car driving home. Lawyers, if you never turn lawyer-mode off, you don't give yourself time for the other things you enjoy. You're going to walk... Read More

Tags: lawyer , off switch , life , habits , work-life balance

80 Dogs Hit By Flu: Lawyers, Keep Your Legal Beagles Healthy
Posted on 02-15-2017 by Travis Burchart

Lawyers ... you loooooove your dogs. The proof is in the " 12 Best Breeds for Lawyers " post we shared last month. Dog-loving lawyers couldn't get enough of it - so much so we followed it up with another dogs/lawyers post . So when... Read More

Tags: lawyers , flu , H3N2 virus , dog breeds , sick , H3N8 virus , canine influenza , dog , legal beagles , lawyer dogs , dog flu

“Think Spring”: Your Legal Writing Needs a Seasonal Refresh
Posted on 02-14-2017 by Lauren Stemley

The spring season will be here soon, which means a new start to the world outside our office windows. If you think your writing has seen too many winters, jump on spring’s bandwagon to freshen up your writing skills. Here’s 3 spring rules... Read More

Tags: spring , #writinglegally , improvement

Valentine’s Day Is Coming Soon: What Are the Best Practices for Handling Office Relationships?
Posted on 02-13-2017 by Jae Lee

With Valentine’s Day coming tomorrow, here is an annotated office relationship policy from Lexis Practice Advisor that employers can use to remind their employees about office relationship rules. Office Relationship / Fraternization Policy... Read More

Tags: labor and employment , Lexis Practice Advisor , Valentines Day , LPA

Legal Films & Attorney Movies: An Oscars Reading List for Movie-Loving Lawyers
Posted on 02-13-2017 by Travis Burchart

What are the top law movies? Everyone has their opinion, but nothing’s definitive. There’s just too many great legal films and attorney movies to choose from. But we don’t have to choose the best legal film. Instead, let’s just... Read More

Tags: attorney movies , top law movies , good lawyer movies , Oscars , movies , legal films

“Sniffing Out” Lawyerly Personalities: What Does Your Dog Breed Say About You?
Posted on 02-09-2017 by Lauren Stemley

The best dog breeds for lawyers have already been dug up, but what can dogs dig up about their lawyers? Dogs have tons of personality – no different from us. Often, your dog’s personality is a reflection of you… whether you’re... Read More

Tags: lawyer , dogs , personality , dog lovers

Be My Legal Valentine: A List of Heart-Shaped Insights for Those Who Love the Law
Posted on 02-07-2017 by Travis Burchart

14 Crazy Valentine’s Day Facts Ah the “day of love” has finally fallen upon us. The widely-celebrated “Hallmark Holiday” has been around for thousands of years, but how much do you really know about this holiday? Love... Read More

Tags: attorney , Valentines , lawyer , love , law

A Morgan Freeman Speaking Lesson For Attorneys
Posted on 02-07-2017 by Lauren Stemley

What does Morgan Freeman’s voice have to do with being an attorney? More than you think! Surprisingly, Morgan’s iconic, godly voice (pun intended) can teach lawyers the art of powerful speaking. Whether it’s helping a client or having... Read More

Tags: morgan freeman , lawyer , speaking tips , powerful speaking , Oscars

Black History Month: Race & the Law - A list of legal articles that examine race in America
Posted on 02-01-2017 by Travis Burchart

The Kaepernick-Sit: Can “Un-American” Be Valuable? Colin Kaepernick has the unquestionable right to kneel in protest during the national anthem. It’s a right that’s spreading to a growing number of like-minded protesters. ... Read More

Tags: racism , civil rights , Black History Month , race

To comma or not to comma, that is the question
Posted on 02-01-2017 by Brenda Carter

Here’s a link to some great tips for knowing how best to utilize this handy little symbol, although my preference is different than the fourth item on the list. What do you prefer when it comes to adding or omitting the last comma in a series? ... Read More

Tags: #writinglegally

Top 6 Quotes from This Century’s Best Legal Movies
Posted on 01-30-2017 by Lauren Stemley

With the Oscars right around the corner, lawyers will once again remember – and debate – quotes from the best legal movies. The classics have been “through the ringer” already; famous quotes like: It’s always difficult... Read More

Tags: 21st century , lawyer , legal movies , Oscars , movies , movie quotes

Sharing Economy Legislation Trends in 2017
Posted on 01-30-2017 by David Giusti

The sharing economy and collaborative consumption promise disruptive change to a number of sectors and industries. The extent to which these promises are fulfilled depends a lot on the regulatory climate in Washington and the states. The Trump administration... Read More

Tags: sharing economy , legislative monitoring , legislative trends , State Net

Trump’s Immigration Reform Legislation Trends in 2017
Posted on 01-30-2017 by David Giusti

Immigration reform will be a top legislative priority in 2017 at both the federal and state levels. President Trump made immigration reform a centerpiece of his campaign. Will his promises to secure the nation’s borders, deport undocumented/illegal... Read More

Tags: legislative monitoring , legislative trends , State Net , immigration reform

2017 Healthcare Reform Bills & Regulation Trends To Monitor
Posted on 01-30-2017 by David Giusti

So Obamacare had some pluses and minuses . And within days after his inauguration, President Trump has put paid to his promise to repeal and replace it—or at least has signed an executive order beginning the process. What comes next? “Legislative... Read More

Tags: legislative monitoring , legislative trends , State Net , health care reform

President Trump and 2017 Minimum Wage Legislation
Posted on 01-30-2017 by David Giusti

Candidate Trump took conflicting positions regarding the federal minimum wage. Which policy will President Trump propose to follow? Will a Republican Congress bent on smaller government, regulatory relief for business and accelerating economic growth... Read More

Tags: legislative monitoring , legislative trends , State Net

2017 Pension Reform Legislation under Trump’s Administration
Posted on 01-30-2017 by David Giusti

The Trump administration, the Republican Congress and several states have made pension reform a top legislative priority in 2017. The slated reforms would affect both public and private sector pensions. Pension reform legislation aims to solve two looming... Read More

Tags: legislative monitoring , pension reform , legislative trends , State Net

Personality Perks that Come with Being a Lawyer
Posted on 01-26-2017 by Lauren Stemley

Lawyers are more than just lawyers – they’re also researchers, planners and counselors . Their personalities are more than what meets the eye, too. In fact, lawyers manifest traits that the rest of us wish we had! Elements of the Lawyerly... Read More

Tags: lawyer's personality , reliability , lawyer , dependability , resilience