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Law Day (It’s Why May Rocks!): We’re Celebrating Law Day with This List of Attention-Grabbing Legal Articles
Posted on 04-24-2017 by Travis Burchart

Law Day ... because the law is pretty awesome! And to all the legal professionals, you’re pretty awesome too! Law Day is May 1st, originally proclaimed by President Eisenhower in 1958 and later codified as 36 U.S. Code § 113 . Why... Read More

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Electronic Signatures: A Mass Extinction Event for Handwriting? Not Just Yet.
Posted on 04-21-2017 by James Nastasi

By James Nastasi Twitter / LinkedIn Electronic signatures seem to be pushing handwritten signatures to the fringe. But sometimes, caselaw pushes back . The future devours technology. With every technological upgrade, old technology usually... Read More

Your Internal Conflict: 3 Ways to Resolve It
Posted on 04-20-2017 by Lakeshia Ekeigwe

By Lakeshia Ekeigwe Twitter / LinkedIn You are experiencing internal conflict about something in your life right now. At any given time, we ALL find ourselves internally conflicted about something. Your internal conflict is on the back of... Read More

Volunteering: 4 Unexpected Benefits
Posted on 04-19-2017 by Amanda Riggins

We all know how volunteering our time can makes us feel. Volunteering makes us feel like we are contributing to our community, makes us feel needed by others and helps us feel more productive. And we know all of that feels good! So it’s a... Read More

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National Volunteer Week: Honoring Lawyers Who Give Back – A List of Pro Bono Articles and Insights
Posted on 04-17-2017 by Travis Burchart

National Volunteer Week is April 23rd - April 29th. When it comes to volunteering, lawyers and law students do their part. Lawyers give back ... it’s their professional responsibility. As ABA Model Rule 6.1 states: Every lawyer has a professional... Read More

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10 Great Resources for Female Lawyers (And Standing up for the Women I Care About)
Posted on 04-12-2017 by Travis Burchart

Gender equality: Husbands, fathers and sons, it’s your issue too. Gender discrimination sucks! Yeah, it’s never impacted me directly. But as a son, I’ve witnessed it. And as a father, it terrifies me. Gender Discrimination... Read More

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Earth, Wind, Water ... Law: Celebrate Earth Day and the Law’s Environmental Role with These Articles
Posted on 04-10-2017 by Travis Burchart

Earth Day's here, and it's time to celebrate. Because of the law’s importance in sustaining the Earth, we also think it’s appropriate to celebrate Earth (Law) Day. Earth Day’s 2017 campaign is environmental & climate... Read More

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Antitrust Report from the ABA Antitrust Law 2017 Spring Meeting - MLex Free Download
Posted on 04-07-2017 by Travis Burchart

2017 ABA Antitrust Spring Meeting: Free Download of our Coverage During the 65th Spring Meeting of the American Bar Association’s Section of Antitrust Law , journalists from MLex bureau in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia attended... Read More

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Flipped Classrooms in Law School: A Bright Future
Posted on 04-06-2017 by Travis Burchart

The flipped classroom - Survey underscores innovation in law school learning Just flip it. That’s law school innovation in 3 simple words. And in 3 more simple words, flipping works well. The flipped-classroom model is freeing up... Read More

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Low-Cost Legal Research: Go Cheap, Get Gaps. Go LexisNexis, Gain Confidence
Posted on 04-05-2017 by Travis Burchart

With cheap legal research, you get what you pay for…and if you aren’t paying much, you aren’t getting much. Low-cost legal research can cost you. When it comes to low-cost legal research, low-cost resources leave gaps. With... Read More

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National Library Week Is April 9-15: In Honor, Let's Transform Your Legal Drafting with This Library of Drafting Articles
Posted on 04-03-2017 by Travis Burchart

Legal drafting: Transform yours during National Library Week (April 9-15, 2017). This year’s theme is "Libraries Transform." If you love to write (and lawyers love to write!), you probably love books ... fiction and nonfiction, novels... Read More

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Presidential Documents and Orders Now Easier to Find on Lexis Advance
Posted on 03-31-2017 by Travis Burchart

Your legal research just got easier! Quickly locate presidential documents and orders on Lexis Advance. Presidential documents and executive orders are big news —and key research information for lawyers. If monitoring the White House is critical... Read More

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Low-Cost Legal Research = Legal Uncertainty (Because They Don’t Have Shepard's®)
Posted on 03-27-2017 by Travis Burchart

A successful legal search depends on a powerful law search engine ... and Shepard's® Citations If your legal research provider highlights itself as “free or cheap,” you’re probably not getting the power or the research... Read More

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Batter Up Lawyers ... Baseball Season Has Begun! Celebrate Opening Day with Articles That Look at Baseball & the Law
Posted on 03-27-2017 by Travis Burchart

Baseball has a few lessons for lawyers, from the power of analogies to running your legal practice. When you think about judges and umpires, baseball and the law fit nicely together. As Justice Roberts once so famously stated : Judges and justices... Read More

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Finest Law Firm Writers Selected by the Burton Awards
Posted on 03-22-2017 by Travis Burchart

New York, New York: The finest law firm writers of 2017 have been announced by the Burton Awards , a non-profit program, which is run in association with the Library of Congress, presented by lead sponsor Law360, and co-sponsored by the American Bar Association... Read More

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Laughter & the Law: Articles & Insights for the Prankish Lawyer (No Foolin’)
Posted on 03-20-2017 by Travis Burchart

The stuffy lawyer label ... it's an inaccurate stereotype. Like everyone else, lawyers love to cut loose. They love jokes and pranks ... you know, April Fools’ Day stuff. April Fools’ Day is right around the corner, and for all you... Read More

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Low-Cost Legal Research = Low-Value Results. LexisNexis Equips You with Much, Much More
Posted on 03-18-2017 by Travis Burchart

The legal research jobs you do every day are critical to your legal success. In a perfect world, you could access all the legal research websites - from the free to the cheap to the powerful – and exhaust every possibility for case law research... Read More

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Your Success with Legal Tech: Planning is Critical
Posted on 03-17-2017 by Sammi Stickelman

By Sammi Stickelman Twitter / LinkedIn The law is an outgrowth of science. This is because as science evolves, so must the law. Science gave us space travel, and with it, the law gave us the five U.N. treaties on outer space . And very... Read More

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Facing Your Fears: 7 Steps to Help You "Face Everything And Rise"
Posted on 03-17-2017 by Lakeshia Ekeigwe

By Lakeshia Ekeigwe Twitter / LinkedIn I absolutely hate the admonition to be "fearless." Being fearless isn't anything to aspire to. Many people believe being fearless is the antidote to being fearful. It is not. I ask you... Read More

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Spiking Pharmaceutical Drug Prices: Can Our Legislators Offer an Effective Answer?
Posted on 03-16-2017 by Kamal Gregory

By Kamal Gregory Twitter / LinkedIn Big drug prices make for huge headlines. A few of the more menacing ones: Drug Goes From $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight Senators Scrutinize Mylan's 400% Price Increase on the EpiPen Lifesaving... Read More

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