September Webinar Series
Posted on 09-01-2016 by amanda-alge-bales

Check out the following September webinars for Lexis Advance, Lexis Practice Advisor and Lexis Securities Mosaic. Creating Virtual Library Shelves with Browse & Explore on Lexis Advance Date & Time: Thursday, Sept. 8 at 1:30 p.m. (EST) Duration: 30 minutes Register now >>... Read More

Register for these upcoming August LexisNexis Webinars!
Posted on 07-20-2016 by Tracie Morris

Do you have a little free time on your hands? If so,register for these upcoming LexisNexis August webinars! All There Is to Know about the Antitrust Practice Center on LexisNexis Date & Time: Thursday, August 18, 2016 1:30 pm Duration: 30 minutes Register>> Spotlight... Read More

Complimentary CLE: Directors' & Officers' Liability-Landmark Cases Changing the Game - 6/29
Posted on 06-16-2016 by Chad Troyan

Hurry up and sign up for the following upcoming CLE webinar: Directors’ & Officers’ Liability: Landmark Cases Changing the Game Directors and officers have always been under pressure to perform and to keep their organizations in line with state and federal regulations. But it is... Read More

Webinar-Register Now!: FRCP Retooled—The First Six Months
Posted on 04-19-2016 by Tracie Morris

Register now for the following webinar-" RCP Retooled—The First Six Months" On Dec. 1, 2015, new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure took effect that were designed to bring watershed changes to civil discovery. What strategies are litigators using in response to the amendments? How are... Read More

Register for this Upcoming Webinar--Litigation Outsourcing—Should It Be in or Out?”
Posted on 03-15-2016 by Tracie Morris

Register to join us for this upcoming March webinar: “Litigation Outsourcing—Should It Be in or Out?” As a law firm, legal department or government agency, you naturally do a lot of legal work. But you also perform an incredible amount of non-legal services. The question is—should... Read More

LexisNexis® January Webinars
Posted on 01-11-2016 by Tracie Morris

Register for these upcoming webinars: New York Module Content Overview Date/Time: January 26 th at 1:30pm EST Register>> ~~~~~ Banking Solutions- Pratt & Sheshunoff are exclusive to LexisNexis Financial privacy, bank security, e-banking technology, CFPB regulation, and anti-money laundering... Read More

REGISTER NOW for the LexisNexis December Training & Webinar Opportunities!
Posted on 11-18-2015 by Tami Hubbard

Looking for something to do in your down time. Sign up for one of these “Coffee Break” webinars! Each of these webinars are only 30 minutes and offer valuable information. What’s even better about these webinars is that you will receive a $5 Gourmet Coffee Card for each webinar you... Read More

Lexis Advance® for the Pharmaceutical Legal Professional [OnDemand Webinar]
Posted on 10-15-2015 by Tammy Pietrzak

Representing one of the most highly regulated industries requires staying in front of constantly evolving legislative and regulatory developments and reacting quickly to offer informed advice. Reviewing new regulations, actions considered or taken, keeping abreast of pharmaceutical and biotechnology... Read More

Advance your insurance claims research [complimentary webinar]
Posted on 10-12-2015 by Tammy Pietrzak

Sign up for our short Webinar to see how insurance claims professionals like you get the results they need with Lexis Advance®. So what exactly will the presentation cover? Great question! This presentation we will review the Lexis Advance platform and how it can help you conduct your insurance... Read More

Crafting Confidential and Proprietary Information Policies | Lexis ® Practice Advisor
Posted on 09-03-2015 by Jae Lee

It is no surprise that a confidentiality policy is necessary to protect the company against the divulgence or misuse of confidential and proprietary information. A well-written policy reminds employees that the company has devoted significant time and expense to develop confidential information, taken... Read More

Safeguarding your confidential / proprietary info: Non-Compete & Non-Solicitation [Webinar]
Posted on 09-01-2015 by Vanessa Lloyd

In-house and outside counsel and attorneys in private practice will benefit from this thorough review of the ins and outs of non-competes and non-solicitation agreements. Plus, get drafting tips an examination of litigation considerations and learn what to do when that valuable employee walks out (or... Read More

Financial services professionals: Due diligence research with Lexis Advance® [On-Demand Webinar]
Posted on 08-03-2015 by Tammy Pietrzak

You face a minefield of potential disasters before you even engage with another company or vendor. How do you know they’re on the up-and-up? Join us for a short Webinar to see how you can streamline and stay on top of due diligence research with Lexis Advance®. During this presentation, we... Read More

Who owns this digital me?
Posted on 07-28-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

We all have been in this situation; we are sitting in a waiting room with a bunch of strangers and there is nothing but silence. Imagine how caught off guard any of us would be if a complete stranger (to us) came up and started talking to us about very personal details of our lives. I bet there are a... Read More

A Holistic Approach to Due Diligence and Third-Party Risk Management [CLE Webinar]
Posted on 07-20-2015 by Vanessa Lloyd

Many companies have implemented robust due-diligence vetting, monitoring and auditing strategies for managing third-party risk. No due-diligence system is foolproof in identifying high-risk business partners or predicting which partners will engage in bribery and where they might conspire with employees... Read More

Register now for these upcoming Lexis Advance® webinars
Posted on 07-13-2015 by Tami Hubbard

If you are interested in the new Lexis Advance® features, join us for these upcoming webinars this week. Plus, in addition to receiving valuable insight about the product, you will also receive a $5 gourmet coffee gift card for each one you attend. Lexis Advance® Energy Practice Page (July... Read More

The Love-Hate Relationship With Social Media: Maximize Opportunities Without Maximizing Risk [Webinar]
Posted on 07-06-2015 by Vanessa Lloyd

Social media poses enough risk for the ordinary user, but corporations, attorneys and agencies face even greater peril. You can—and must—avoid tripping over an ethical snare when using social media tools. You cannot avoid social media altogether, and the rules of engagement are not clear... Read More

Proactive insurance-related research for Insurance Professionals | Complimentary on-demand webinar
Posted on 07-02-2015 by Tammy Pietrzak

Increased regulatory pressures. Greater accountability requirements. More severe penalties. How are you being more proactive to get better results? Learn how to get the results you need to provide proactive value to your organization. During this on-demand presentation, we will review to help you conduct... Read More

Build rock-solid in-house tax strategies from nearly 1,400+ authorities [On-Demand Webinar]
Posted on 06-30-2015 by Tammy Pietrzak

Are you looking for a simple research tool that will get answers to your tax questions fast? Do you want to conduct just one search with your IRC section across statutes, regs, legislation, and treatises? Would you like to have summaries of tax news sent to your inbox daily? Join us for this complimentary... Read More

A Day in the Life of a Small Firm Attorney: Family Law - To Mediate or Not
Posted on 03-18-2015 by Jared Banz

Mediation may be the current court-preferred method for resolution of family law disputes, but litigation still has staunch supporters. Practitioners can dig into the pros and cons of family law mediation and litigation with experts who work on both sides of the question every day in divorce, custody... Read More

How “legalizing it” really works: Risks & insights when drug laws & employment collide [CLE Webinar]
Posted on 03-03-2015 by Vanessa Lloyd

As drug laws evolve from state to state, employers are put in a Catch 22 that could leave them vulnerable to lawsuits, penalties and many other risks. Your state may say marijuana is legal with a prescription, but your employee handbook is clear: cannabis use is strictly prohibited. On top of that... Read More

A Day in the Life of a Small Firm Attorney: Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury
Posted on 02-20-2015 by Jared Banz

The life of a medical malpractice litigator is hardly the courtroom theatrics-filled one depicted on screen. In reality, days are filled with research, investigation, poring over medical records and building a strategy and a case. Plaintiff or defense, there’s a great deal to do and to learn along... Read More

Lexis Advance® Tuesday Tips: Document Review Done Right [Webinar]
Posted on 01-27-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

The new Lexis Advance® is here! To help answer your questions, join us for this complimentary Webinar to see what Lexis Advance offers – and, the coffee is on us! During this webinar you’ll see how others are successfully navigating even the most daunting document reviews. You will... Read More

Tuesday Tips: Performing your favorite® tasks using Lexis Advance® [A How-To Webinar]
Posted on 01-13-2015 by Tami Hubbard

Do you have some tasks on that you enjoy performing, but you aren’t sure how to do them on Lexis Advance? There is no need to worry. Attend our upcoming webinar: How to do Your Favorite® Things on Lexis Advance and learn how to perform those favorite tasks. In this webinar... Read More

OFAC Compliance: New Sanctions and Corporate Risks [CLE-Accredited Webinar]
Posted on 12-30-2014 by Vanessa Lloyd

Navigating the quagmire of regulations governing international financial dealings can be daunting and costly. One wrong step involving a sanctioned country, entity or individual can land your company or your client in hot water with the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control... Read More

Five Common Fears About Switching to Lexis Advanced® Answered
Posted on 12-30-2014 by Stacy_Staarmann

On December 2 nd , Lexis Nexis held a webinar hosted by Allison Quering giving users insight on the new Lexis Advance®. For those who were unable to make it, here is an overview of what you missed: Five Common Fears of Lexis Advanced® 1. I’m afraid of incurring a large bill for my client... Read More