Vacation Time or Balance Time? For Lawyers, It’s Both! Articles That’ll Help Your Work-Life Balance & Your Spring Break Vacation
Posted on 02-22-2017 by Lextalk Admin

Goodbye snow. Hello spring. Goodbye work. Hello vacation. Spring is upon us, and if you’re a lawyer, maybe you’re planning a vacation for Spring Break. Or maybe not. For some lawyers, the word “vacation” is a difficult word to spit out. But if you’re an... Read More

Divorce Attorney for Business Owners in New Jersey
Posted on 03-12-2016 by Santo Artusa

Owning a business requires getting their first, leaving last, wearing multiple hats, juggling tasks, giving it your heart and soul. When a business owner goes through a divorce, it makes it that much harder to be the "general in chief" and much harder to perform at a top level. A divorce is... Read More

5 time management errors that'll rob you of your time
Posted on 10-26-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

Time is important to us. We value it. So it never puts us in good mood when we feel it is being wasted. Luckily for us Fast Company is here to help us with 5 time management errors that will waste your time. 1. Waiting For Permission Many people don’t have formal flexible schedules; they work... Read More

Hobbled by perfection? You can escape - 3 practices to overpower your perfectionism
Posted on 10-05-2015 by Christina Alge

Perfection is typically viewed as a positive thing, but the truth is, it can be harmful too. In fact, the obsession to achieve perfection is counterproductive in many instances. So how do you avoid falling in this trap? Follow these three strategies from Michael Hyatt . 1. Change your perspective ... Read More

5 time management mistakes that'll stall your time management success
Posted on 09-21-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

One of the biggest traits an employee could possess is time management. While helpful, it comes with gaffes too. Here are five management mistakes that could prevent time management success according to Fast Company . 1. Not Prioritizing Tasks If you fail to prioritize task, you enable the possibility... Read More

Is The 40-Hour Work Week Still A Thing?
Posted on 05-19-2015 by Christina Alge

For many in the workforce, your days may sound like this: Wake up. Drive to work. Punch in at 9am. Work. Punch out at 5pm. This is the routine you go through five days a week for your 40-hour weeks you put it. But how surprised would you be if I told you that the 40-hour work week isn’t as... Read More

3 strategies for mastering your to-do list
Posted on 05-19-2015 by Chad Troyan

It’s Saturday, which means for me it is either day for football, relaxing or chores. If it unfortunately happens to be the last of those you can bet I have a decent to-do list on my kitchen counter. I make plenty of these lists but I sometimes find that I am unable to check every item off. This... Read More

Killing it before noon: A 12-step guide from top-notch employees
Posted on 05-18-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

Photo Credit: Shutterstock Do you have any of these top-notch employee habits down? According to Social Media Week here 12 tasks top-notch employees have completed before lunch. For me #3 is a tough one to break, and #10 a hard one to avoid. 1. They make a work to-do list the night before Many... Read More

Thanksgiving and Christmas Hours
Posted on 11-25-2014 by sarrenea

Is your office open on the day after Thanksgiving? What about the week between Christmas and New Years? Read More

Planning your work day like a Disney Vacation. 5 Steps to get you on your way.
Posted on 10-30-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

Photo Credit: Pres Panayotov / A few weeks back, my family and I traveled to Florida and embarked on our third Disney vacation; however, this was the first entirely planned Disney vacation. It was fabulous! We knew exactly where we needed to be and when, and we were even able to experience... Read More

Friday Distraction: 5 Employee Recognition Myths Busted [Infographic]
Posted on 09-05-2014 by Christina Alge

Much debate arises on the topic of employee motivation and employee recognition. While companies agree with the old adage that a happy employee = a happy company, the authenticity in employee recognition is oftentimes lacking. The employees at Global Force, created this Infographic, 5 Recognition Mythbusters... Read More

How to take a tech timeout: And you thought parental controls were just for children.
Posted on 08-29-2014 by Christina Alge

The last weekend of summer is upon us. If you are anything like me, 2 questions are floating through your mind right now: Doesn’t it feel like Memorial Day weekend just occurred? What did I do with my time during the best months of the year? My answer to the latter question: I took a... Read More

Friday Distraction: Should You Let Your Employees Work from Home? [Decision Tree]
Posted on 08-22-2014 by Tracie Morris

This is comical Infographic includes a decision tree helping to determine if you should let your employees work remotely, or in-house. You never know if an unsupervised employee will spend their day playing World of Warcraft than actually working. The above infographic is courtesy of Read More

35 habits harnessed by the super-productive - A mindmap [infographic]
Posted on 07-30-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

There is one thing in common between Steve Jobs, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Mark Zuckerberg - they all wear the same thing every day. Barack chooses between two suits every morning - grey or navy, Zuckerberg has a drawer of 20 identical grey t- shirts. When each of them were asked why they do... Read More

4 Tips to Help Dig Yourself Out of the Doghouse on “National Get Out Of The Doghouse Day”
Posted on 07-21-2014 by Ted Zwayer

Have you found yourself in the proverbial doghouse lately either at work or home? Maybe you simply said the wrong thing at the wrong time or need to make amends with someone you've inadvertently hurt. No matter the reason, today is “National Get Out of the Doghouse Day.” Seriously?... Read More

Higher stress at home: The biggest enemy of work-life balance may be sitting in your pocket
Posted on 07-18-2014 by Travis Burchart

Many workers think that they’re multi-tasking when they’re checking work emails while eating dinner or spending time with their family, but, in reality, they’re not giving full attention to both activities. This is according to Larry Rosen, author of iDisorder: Understanding our Obsession... Read More

5 Time Management Tips from CEOs for Reclaiming Your Work Day
Posted on 07-17-2014 by Tracie Morris

Ever feel like you spend all your time in the conference room or on the phone? A new study of CEOs shows that 18 of their average 55-hour work weeks are spent at roundtables and a mere 6 spent at their actual desks, working alone. The rest of the work week breakdown is as follows: 2 hours on... Read More

Does your organization sponsor wellness activities, and are you able to participate?
Posted on 07-02-2014 by Christina Alge

It should come as no surprise that on average, full-time workers in America spend more than one-third of their day, five days per week at the workplace. What if considering your health was a natural part of your nine to five? According to a 2012 survey human resource departments in America reported the... Read More

Lawyers: Do You Know The Other “F” Word?
Posted on 06-20-2014 by Ted Zwayer

That other "F" word is focus. When on the telephone, do you ever think (or know) when people are multi-tasking and not really listening to what you are saying? We are losing the ability to focus for periods of time. A previous Infographic confirms that as a society, we lack focus with an... Read More

A Path to Partner—An Interview on Business Development and Passion with Partner Charles Macedo
Posted on 06-19-2014 by Tracie Morris

Charles R. Macedo is a partner at Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP , an intellectual property law boutique located in midtown Manhattan. Mr. Macedo is an authority on intellectual property issues. He is the author of The Corporate Insider’s Guide to U.S. Patent Practice and a frequent contributor... Read More

Do you think you're part of the elite 2% that can multitask successfully? [Infographic]
Posted on 06-10-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

You may feel like you’re accomplishing more, but in reality trying to focus on more than one thing causes a 40 percent drop in productivity. This infographic from details how often we confuse multitasking with actual distraction. After taking a look at the infographic, what... Read More

Tips on balancing family and work needs while working from home during summer
Posted on 06-05-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

Today is my son’s last day as a third grader, and my daughter's last day as a pre-schooler. I can finally take that sign of relief knowing any last-minute homework assignment, book report, animal presentation, and final Kindergarten paperwork have been signed, sealed and delivered. Ahhh…... Read More

Getting Back To Work After A Long Weekend Or Holiday
Posted on 05-27-2014 by Travis Burchart

Between sitting out in the sun and sleeping in past noon, long weekends and holidays don’t leave much time to think about the office. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. The first day back at work after a vacation can be tough. While you were away, the only paperwork you did was... Read More

The daily routines of famous entrepreneurs & tips for designing your own routine
Posted on 05-23-2014 by Tracie Morris

According to Jack Dorsey, CEO Square & Founder of Twitter, discipline and practice are needed to get everything done. His schedule: Monday: Management and running the company Tuesday: Product Wednesday: Marketing and communications, growth Thursday: Developers and partnerships Friday... Read More

If you like to take lots of vacation, the U.S. is not the place to work via
Posted on 05-20-2014 by Christina Alge

With the exception of a few national holidays, American workers generally get 2 to 3 weeks out of the whole year which is much less than what people in many other countries receive. According to the article, Why is America the 'no-vacation nation'? via , the global running joke about... Read More