The Story of Wellgyi and Its Maker
Posted on 09-16-2016 by gaythri raman

I first heard of the plight of farmers in Myanmar on August 6 th , 2013. It was the day I met Daw Aung San Suu Kyi , Nobel Laureate and now the State Counsellor of Myanmar. We were discussing ways in which LexisNexis could support the rule of law in this fledgling democracy and talked about launching... Read More

Making An Impact, Flying to the Moon - Advancing the Rule of Law
Posted on 09-16-2016 by gaythri raman

A speech by Gaythri Raman at the Gala Dinner of the LexisNexis Asia Pacific Leadership Kick Off 2014 in Singapore on 2nd April 2014. Good evening everyone. Tonight, I am going to tell you two stories: The first is the story of Gloria Bon. I first met her in 2012. We had all been asked to find ways... Read More

Mock Trial Program for Future Law Students
Posted on 09-15-2016 by Tracie Morris

LexisNexis was honored to partner with the American Mock Trial Association to support future law students. Learn more about the program. Read More

eyeWitness to Atrocities
Posted on 09-15-2016 by Tracie Morris

LexisNexis welcomed the opportunity in 2015 to partner with the International Bar Association to create the eyeWitness to Atrocities application to further #RuleofLaw around the globe. The application allows video footage to be captured and stored in a way that is admissible in court. The application... Read More

Why is the Rule of Law Important? 4 Factors to Consider [Infographic]
Posted on 09-15-2016 by amanda-alge-bales

The relationship between the rule of law, and social and economic development lead to some positive and major advances for every country. In fact, when a country’s rule of law increases, even by 5 percent increases in GDP per capita and average life expectancies improve, and lead to decreases in... Read More

Mike Walsh Welcomed Lisa Hook for Innovation Month Town Hall
Posted on 03-17-2016 by JWoods

Jamie Buckley , Chief Product Officer of LexisNexis, Lisa Hook , Chief Executive Officer of Neustar and RELX Group Board member, Mike Walsh , CEO of LexisNexis and Bernie Emsley , VP Global Application Development of LexisNexis hosted Innovation Month town hall in New York Read More

A human right/necessity ... the Internet?
Posted on 08-17-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

Have you ever said something that caused a firestorm of a reaction? According to LexisNexis Legal Newsroom , you can add FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly to the list who have thanks to what many called “comingling of the words “necessity” and “basic human right’”... Read More

Human Rights Day- Advancing the Rule of Law: An Attorney's Guide to Fighting Human Trafficking
Posted on 08-13-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

“Slavery is everywhere, touching everyone in very tangible ways whether we see it or not.” ~ Freedom for All: An Attorney's Guide to Fighting Human Trafficking . Human trafficking is local and global: Worldwide 21 to 30 million people are compelled by another to work or provide commercial... Read More

The Rule of Law: Reiterating that no one is above the law [Infographic]
Posted on 08-05-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

In its simplest form, the rule of law means that “no one is above the law.” It is the foundation for the development of peaceful, equitable and prosperous societies. For the rule of law to be effective, there must be equality under the law, transparency of law, an independent judiciary and... Read More

Mike Walsh, CEO LexisNexis, takes a closer look at how the rule of law is measured and why it’s so important
Posted on 07-20-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

Mike Walsh , CEO LexisNexis Legal & Professional, spoke about Advancing the Rule of Law at the Conference of Western Attorneys General in Maui, Hawaii, on Monday, July 20. Below is an excerpt of Mr. Walsh's speech. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’d like to talk about rule of law and... Read More

LexisNexis Join Forces with UN Global Compact to Mobilize Business Support for Rule of Law
Posted on 06-26-2015 by JWoods

The United Nations Global Compact, with support from Baker & McKenzie , ­LexisNexis Legal & Professional and Linklaters , today launched two new efforts to engage the business community and legal profession in advancing the rule of law, good governance and corporate sustainability. The launch... Read More

The 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta
Posted on 06-16-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

Magna Carta is not primarily significant for what it was, but rather for what it was made to be. - Erwin Griswold, Dean of Harvard Law School At the heart of all LexisNexis activities lives an underlying purpose—advancement of the Rule of Law. The Rule of Law is a fundamental human rights... Read More

Attorneys at War Weekly Standard
Posted on 06-12-2015 by Hans Thielman

This article, which was written by Willy Stern, is about lawyers serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. Read More

Celebrating the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta
Posted on 06-09-2015 by pavan

June 15th marks the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, a document that has provided the foundation for the advancement of the rule of law over the centuries. As we look back at the history of the Magna Carta and the impact it has had on our society, we want you to share your thoughts about the democratic... Read More

Mike Walsh, CEO LexisNexis Legal & Professional, presents Rule of Law award to UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon in 2013
Posted on 06-01-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

Mike Walsh , CEO LexisNexis Legal & Professional, presents Rule of Law award to UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon in 2013. Mr. Ki-moon received this award because of the significant contributions made to advancing the rule of law. Other LexisNexis Rule of Law Award Honorees included: Mary Robinson... Read More

Advancing the Rule of Law around the World
Posted on 06-01-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

Advancing the rule of law around the world is a concept that unifies our company across the globe and is passionately supported by the people of LexisNexis. Our efforts include: Providing products and services that enable customers to excel in the practice and business of law and help justice systems... Read More

Technology is just a tool—Political Will is the solution to promote the rule of law
Posted on 04-14-2015 by SamirGoswami

Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, India, the United States--just a few of the countries who have teams competing in this year’s Making All Voices County Global Innovation Competition (GIC) in Jakarta, Indonesia. 6 months ago, over 200 innovators from around the world submitted... Read More

50 Years after Selma, We Still Need the Voting Rights Act
Posted on 03-18-2015 by SamirGoswami

I’ve never voted in any election. I majored in political science, worked on state and federal policy initiatives, volunteered for numerous local and presidential candidates, but I can’t vote. I’m an India citizen and a permanent resident of the United States. I can’t vote in India... Read More

Legal Structures Are Not Enough to Ensure a Just Society
Posted on 01-11-2015 by SamirGoswami

When I lived in Chicago, I had the opportunity to work with survivors of human trafficking. This was in the late 1990s and early 2000s when the State of Illinois did not have an anti-trafficking law, and it was also right before the federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act was passed by Congress, creating... Read More

Option to Hire a Privately Compensated Temporary Judge
Posted on 12-16-2014 by Rosanne M. Beach

If you are going through a divorce then you are likely aware of how impacted the courts are, due to a limited budget, and how long a divorce can be drawn out as a result of court hearings being scheduled months out. Impacted courts are especially a concern for litigants going through a divorce who are... Read More

Law Day & the Rule of Law: How does one impact the other?
Posted on 09-30-2014 by Sudip Chaudhuri

On May 1, the United States officially recognizes Law Day. It is meant to reflect on the role of law in the foundation of the country and to recognize its importance for society. For me, Law Day is an opportunity to ponder this question around the topic of the rule of law. It is especially important... Read More

You've heard of the "rule of law," but do you really know what it is?
Posted on 09-27-2013 by Travis Burchart

In this day and age, we so often “want to know” but are “afraid to ask.” Terminology changes so quickly, and when others are using language that they don’t even understand, you can’t help but just nod and act like you get it. What the heck’s a “chiplet”... Read More