Heartbroken, Upset, Confused. When it's over, it's over, Divorcing in New Jersey-Key Tips
Posted on 06-28-2015 by Santo Artusa

Often people come into my Jersey City Office telling me why they are seeking divorces and why they should receive x or y. Most people do not realize that cheating on your spouse does not affect how assets are divided, how alimony is awarded (unless the cheating spouse starts living with the paramour... Read More

Wiping out the gender wage gap: How? Paternity (not maternity) leave
Posted on 03-27-2015 by Christina Alge

There seems to be a wage gap that exists no matter how you cut it. What if we could do away with it? According to FastCompany , the wage gap between genders can be done away with an increase in not maternity, but paternity leave. Women who have children deal with various assumptions; among them is... Read More

Why do we question the parenting of lawyers, but never the parenting of astronauts or senators?
Posted on 09-26-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

Are rainmaking and homemaking compatible endeavors or unlikely bedfellows? According to the Working Parent Survey conducted by Vault , the respondents of this survey paint a conflicting picture of the compatibility for both activities. The results from the article go on to say that though much progress... Read More

If you're a working mom and you're "leaning in" (à la Sheryl Sandberg), why not let your husband "lean out" and stay at home with the kids.
Posted on 05-02-2014 by Travis Burchart

Working doesn't make a mom any less of a mom. So why does "not working" make a dad less competent as a dad? Changing Diapers with Man Hands 4,000 – that’s about how many diapers I've changed in my life.* To some people, this an earth-shattering surprise: “A man... Read More

No Paternity in Baseball? The Debate Continues...
Posted on 04-08-2014 by Ted Zwayer

By now you have probably heard the news about New York Mets' Daniel Murphy’s decision to take a short paternity leave for the birth of his son using Major League Baseball's paternity leave policy, and as a result, Murphy missed 2 games. While experts suggest Murphy’s decision is a... Read More

Make Room For Daddy…With Pay
Posted on 12-11-2013 by Steve Berstler

When my children were born, I took a week off each time to help out at home. I took it as paid vacation time as there was no policy then as to “paid time off for new dads.” I think about that as I read an article in the Tennessean that looks at whether more men are taking paternity leave... Read More