Job Satisfaction –Do Legal Professionals Like Their Jobs?
Posted on 11-17-2015 by Tracie Morris

When it comes to the legal profession, the chasm between perception and reality is vast. It seems that there are new stories daily about the exorbitant cost of law school alongside stories about the absence of jobs in the legal market. Lawyers are often the punch lines in jokes and portrayed to be at... Read More

Patience ... patience ... patience: 5 practices to being a patient leader
Posted on 10-05-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

“Patience is a virtue” , it’s a line that we all have probably heard at some point in our lives. While it may get old, it still holds a lot of truth and is a key trait that leaders should hone. IF you don’t’ currently hone that trait, here are 5 practices to being a patient... Read More

Does your confidence need a boost? 5 "pick me up" tactics
Posted on 09-18-2015 by Christina Alge

Life can be hard sometimes and some of us may be in need of a confidence boost. So for those who are look for that boost, here are 5 things you can do according to Inc. . 1. Stay away from negativity and bring on the positivity Take a break from that Debbie Downer in your life. Stop focusing on the... Read More

The value of thanking people [Infographic]
Posted on 09-11-2015 by Sudip Chaudhuri

Appreciation for your workforce can go a long way. As you already know, engagement not only increases the productivity of employees and leaders within the workplace, and e mployees are easily motivated by praise from a manager and attention. Oftentimes, opportunities are provided by granting recognition... Read More

Being a successful leader: How do you measure up? 7 changes
Posted on 08-10-2015 by Sudip Chaudhuri

What makes a good leader? There are plenty of things that go into that, but there are some trends that can help answer that. According to Forbes , here are 7 changes you can make to be a better leader. 1. A Healthy Relationship With Yourself It’s been said by some that “ The most important... Read More

Legal Interns: 6 Tips to stay motivated when there is no job in sight [Infographic]
Posted on 08-06-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

While practical experience, networking and recommendations are 3 opportunities for summer interns, all interns have their sights set on the grand prize – a full-time job. While for some, an employment opportunity may not be on the horizon. So, how can one continue to stay motivated and enthusiastic... Read More

Seeking Inspiration in the most impactful manner: 19 Inspiring Leadership Quotes
Posted on 05-22-2015 by Chad Troyan

Who is your favorite leader? What do you like about them? History has provided us countless examples of people who show great leadership. Thanks to LinkedIn, here are 19 Inspirational Leadership Quotes: 1. "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many... Read More

Employee Job Satisfaction: What are the top contributing factors?
Posted on 05-15-2015 by Christina Alge

How happy are you at your job? According to this UpWorthy Infographic , about 70 percent of workers who feel their jobs are secure report happiness the most happiness at work. What would you say about your happiness at work? Read More

Saying Goodbye to A Great Leader
Posted on 04-11-2015 by gaythri raman

I originally planned for this piece to be about farewells but I somehow think it is more appropriately one about leadership. All of us here in LexisNexis Asia will be saying goodbye to our CEO, Shawn Clark this month. He will soon move back to the US and take on an exciting role in the BIS business.... Read More

Can $$$ buy your happiness? Yes, but only up to a point
Posted on 12-11-2014 by Christina Alge

“Money can’t buy you happiness.” Does this saying sound familiar to you? Chances are you’ve heard it or been told it before during some point of your life. Unfortunately for those people who have been telling this to you, they’re wrong- to an extent at least. According to... Read More

Thanksgiving and Christmas Hours
Posted on 11-25-2014 by sarrenea

Is your office open on the day after Thanksgiving? What about the week between Christmas and New Years? Read More

Friday Distraction: Forget Standing Desks. Hamster Wheel Desks Are What's Up
Posted on 10-03-2014 by Tracie Morris

(Please visit the site to view this video) Here's more evidence that our workday really is a rat race. Behold the Hamster Wheel Standing Desk. The creators (San Francisco-based artist Robb Godshaw and developer Will Doenlen) say they built it as an alternative to the treadmill desk, and they... Read More

Friday Distraction: Compensation Best Practices [Infographic]
Posted on 09-19-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

With the economy warming up, the year is looking bright for businesses as many organizations are showing growth, and expressing the most optimism yet in post-recession years. Each year, PayScale surveys thousands of HR and business leaders to learn about the workforce and compensation trends they've... Read More

Tend to Your People & Discover Your Law Firm's Greatness
Posted on 09-16-2014 by Jeff Weaver

Header image by RickyMartin on Wikimedia Commons , CC BY-SA 3.0 The business world is all abuzz about employee engagement . Have you heard of it? You could easily fill a room with books, articles and blog posts that talk about it. If it's not being discussed at your law firm, perhaps you’ve... Read More

Friday Distraction: Compensation is More Than a Paycheck [infographic]
Posted on 09-12-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

Employee benefits continue to be perceived as an important part of the employment package. It can help organizations retain talent. And as it becomes harder to find talent, benefits can be a key differentiator for candidates. This infographic from Mercer shows us what employees think about benefits.... Read More

Friday Distraction: 5 Employee Recognition Myths Busted [Infographic]
Posted on 09-05-2014 by Christina Alge

Much debate arises on the topic of employee motivation and employee recognition. While companies agree with the old adage that a happy employee = a happy company, the authenticity in employee recognition is oftentimes lacking. The employees at Global Force, created this Infographic, 5 Recognition Mythbusters... Read More

The trap of being overpaid. 6 things to figure out before you hit 6-figures.
Posted on 08-27-2014 by Ted Zwayer

When you reach 6-figures, if you're not careful, your lifestyle will adapt to having more money coming in and your cost of living will rise. That can trap you into a job, career, or industry you really don't like because now you need at least a certain income to pay the mortgage, car note, and... Read More

4 Tips to Help Dig Yourself Out of the Doghouse on “National Get Out Of The Doghouse Day”
Posted on 07-21-2014 by Ted Zwayer

Have you found yourself in the proverbial doghouse lately either at work or home? Maybe you simply said the wrong thing at the wrong time or need to make amends with someone you've inadvertently hurt. No matter the reason, today is “National Get Out of the Doghouse Day.” Seriously?... Read More

What do you like most about your job? According to your colleagues, it may just be you.
Posted on 07-09-2014 by Tracie Morris

According to a recent survey conducted last month about job satisfaction report most practicing attorneys are satisfied with their jobs and particularly value their colleagues. The result garnered some not so surprising results with colleague interaction topping the list of what is enjoyed most about... Read More

Does your organization sponsor wellness activities, and are you able to participate?
Posted on 07-02-2014 by Christina Alge

It should come as no surprise that on average, full-time workers in America spend more than one-third of their day, five days per week at the workplace. What if considering your health was a natural part of your nine to five? According to a 2012 survey human resource departments in America reported the... Read More

10 Famous Law School Dropouts
Posted on 06-27-2014 by rheamalhotra

For those of you are already stressed about beginning law school next year – here is some motivational information you may not know. Here’s a list of 10 Law School dropouts who went on to lead their lives. So if you can get through law school – think about what you are capable of. ... Read More

5 Ways to Make Every Workday Better (or Happier)
Posted on 06-23-2014 by rheamalhotra

Happiness… A general state of being most people (if not all) should want to achieve; however, it is often difficult to stay ‘happy’ throughout the day, if at all. With the increasing demands of work/life and trying to achieve a ‘balance’ how can one even get to a point... Read More

Is Negotiating Your Salary Really A Science? [Infographic]
Posted on 06-02-2014 by Tracie Morris

According to the Salary Science infographic , while many steer clear from the topic of salary negotiation, those who take the time to do the correct research and ask the right questions are often rewarded with both increased pay and satisfaction. Read More

Can you take a REAL vacation? Is that even possible anymore?
Posted on 05-22-2014 by Christina Alge

Starting tomorrow, summer vacations will be in full swing (if they haven't already started). Every year, I take a summer vacation to a remote cabin taking advantage of the lack of internet signal and forcing my mind to shut down about my never-ending, to-do list. I find that my annual 'R&R... Read More

Would You Do Your Job Better If Your Boss Didn't Care How or Where You Did It?
Posted on 05-13-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

According to the article Don’t Go to Work via TheSlateGroup , in 2003, Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson developed new human resources guidelines at Best Buy and suggested a profound shift in the way the company managed its employees - allowing workers 100 percent autonomy and expected of them 100... Read More