Key Topics and Concerns in a Divorce in New Jersey
Posted on 01-31-2016 by Santo Artusa

If you ask three divorcees about how their divorces went, you can get three drastically different answers. If you ask three divorce lawyers their opinion on a case, you may get 10 different opinions! With that in mind, when a potential client comes in to discuss their situation, may times they begin... Read More

Trouble with trustees: Managing the delicate beneficiaries vs. trust officials relationship
Posted on 03-02-2015 by Doug Esten

Some people may think beneficiaries of family trusts are lucky or always stand to inherit a lot of good, but in fact the first thing they inherit is a relationship. A relationship? Yes, a delicate relationship with the trustees who pull the “purse strings”. According to the Wall Street Journal... Read More

Celebrity estate mishaps: From Robin Williams to Michael Crichton, lessons learned
Posted on 01-08-2015 by Ted Zwayer

As one passes away, specifically celebrities, the immediate question asked “who is entitled to the icon’s estate?” Thanks to poor planning, celebrities oftentimes do not properly arrange for the disposal of their estate s leading to future mishaps. According to a recent article via... Read More

Can a Child Sue for Child Support? A controversial NJ case that is in complete contrast to the "normal" system.
Posted on 08-26-2014 by Jaime Teuchert-Cage

In a recent controversial New Jersey case, Rachel Canning filed a lawsuit against her parents requesting child support. Canning, a high school senior, alleges her parents kicked her out of their house after she turned 18 years old. Through her attorney, Canning is requesting financial support and an... Read More

What Is A Diligent Search For Heirs?
Posted on 05-28-2014 by Doug Esten

Finding the current whereabouts of long-lost beneficiaries or distributes may be one of the more difficult aspects of an estate proceeding. Aside from the jurisdictional requirements, what happens when a beneficiary or distributee has not been heard from for decades? Pursuant to New York Estate Powers... Read More

Neglecting digital assets in estate planning: A dangerous omission
Posted on 05-01-2014 by Ted Zwayer

It is often said that the law lags behind technology. One area where this sentiment is particularly applicable is estate planning for digital assets. In a world where our lives are becoming ever more digital, many estate planning practitioners unfortunately attempt to rely on traditional planning principals... Read More

McNees Insights on Estate Planning: Who Gets Your IRA?
Posted on 04-11-2014 by Doug Esten

Do you want your heirs to have to chase after your 401K or IRA money? As reported in the Estate and Elder Law Blog , many of us have a significant portion of our assets held in retirement plans, such as 401Ks and IRAs, and your Will does not control who gets your 401K or IRA. Therefore, it is important... Read More