The Difference Between A Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreement
Posted on 06-30-2016 by Jill L. Coil

When a couple is looking to get married, or has recently gotten married, they often have questions about pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements. Their curiosity is rooted in an incomplete understanding of what these agreements are and what they mean to a marriage. Pre- and post-nuptial agreements... Read More

The Most Important Factors When Hiring A Family Law Lawyer
Posted on 04-12-2016 by Jill L. Coil

In a society where divorce is becoming more common than ever before, many people will be faced with the reality of having to litigate family law matters in court. It can be a daunting task to choose a family law attorney - after all, more often than not they will be a part of your life for months - if... Read More

Divorce Attorney for Business Owners in New Jersey
Posted on 03-12-2016 by Santo Artusa

Owning a business requires getting their first, leaving last, wearing multiple hats, juggling tasks, giving it your heart and soul. When a business owner goes through a divorce, it makes it that much harder to be the "general in chief" and much harder to perform at a top level. A divorce is... Read More

Posted on 02-29-2016 by Santo Artusa

WORKING WITH A DIVORCE ATTORNEY WITH A FINANCIAL BACKGROUND IS CRITICAL IN TODAY’S WORLD As a divorce attorney, people come see me daily to discuss the issues that are most important to them. Many people lose sight of the big picture and tend to focus on just a handful of issues. Even when a... Read More

What Happens If You Fail To Pay Child Support In Utah?
Posted on 02-23-2016 by Jill L. Coil

Child support orders are supposed to be based on a formula that results in a fair determination for both the parent receiving support and the parent paying support. However, even if the court carefully considered your income and expenses when issuing the order, that does not mean that you may not experience... Read More

ITS BIGGER THAN YOU-Top Tips For Parenting Together When Living Apart
Posted on 02-23-2016 by Santo Artusa

Among the biggest fights and issues that need to be resolved in family court, whether for a divorce or as a separate case is child custody and parenting time. CO-PARENTING IS HARD WORK BUT IT IS WORTH IT Whether you see your child everyday, every other week, every other month or another variation... Read More

Divorce- When it is a War, Both Parties May Very Well Lose, Consider Collaborative Divorce
Posted on 02-21-2016 by Santo Artusa

DIVORCE-WHEN YOU LET IT ALL OUT OF THE BAG, SOMETIMES THERE IS NO TURNING BACK, EVER, BEWARE You may have heard the stories, you may have been through it, you may know people who have been divorced, but all divorces are not created equal. A divorce can be one of the biggest life changing events in... Read More

5 Key Tips For A Better Life-Post Divorce
Posted on 02-18-2016 by Santo Artusa

Whether you are currently in divorce or family law litigation or you are considering filing for divorce or a motion, there are certain things you should seek during the process that will enable you to live a better life-post divorce or post breakup. Now, before I go into my tips, I do want to say that... Read More

The Shared Parenting Myth
Posted on 02-16-2016 by Santo Artusa

There continues to be a growing trend toward shared parenting time arrangements throughout the United States and New Jersey is no different. The theory behind shared parenting is that the children benefit from the ongoing, consistent contact with both parents. Sounds good. However, depending on the age... Read More

What Do I Do If I Haven't Received My Spousal Support Payment?
Posted on 02-12-2016 by Jill L. Coil

In a divorce case, Utah family courts are expected to strive for fairness and equity for both parties whenever possible. In some cases, spousal support (also known as alimony) may be necessary to achieve such equity. Spousal support is a specified amount that one spouse is ordered to pay the other for... Read More

Valentine's Day and Post Holiday Divorce Rates
Posted on 02-09-2016 by Santo Artusa

The Divorce rate in the United States has been relatively steady for the past 20 years. What has boomed in the last 20 years or so are the people who decide to have children out of wedlock. Almost 50% of children born in the United States are now born outside of marriage. It is no longer a race specific... Read More

Why Representing Yourself in a Divorce or Family Law Case Could be a Disaster
Posted on 02-02-2016 by Santo Artusa

If I gave you the basic tools as to how to treat a root canal, would you do it yourself? I hope the answer is no. The same holds true when trying to represent yourself in a legal dispute, especially something so sensitive as family and divorce law. By representing yourself, you will hit a nerve quickly... Read More

Key Topics and Concerns in a Divorce in New Jersey
Posted on 01-31-2016 by Santo Artusa

If you ask three divorcees about how their divorces went, you can get three drastically different answers. If you ask three divorce lawyers their opinion on a case, you may get 10 different opinions! With that in mind, when a potential client comes in to discuss their situation, may times they begin... Read More

Why Divorce May Be the Right Choice for You
Posted on 01-05-2016 by Jill L. Coil

Filing for a divorce is a big decision , and for many, knowing whether or not divorce is the right avenue to pursue can be confusing. If you think that you are ready to file for a divorce in Salt Lake City , a consultation with an experienced family law attorney can help you learn everything that you... Read More

How To Know When When Divorce Is The Right Answer
Posted on 11-24-2015 by Jill L. Coil

The decision to seek a divorce is one of the most difficult choices an individual may ever make. Determining when the time is right for a divorce can prove extremely challenging, but there are some circumstances where divorce is unquestionably the best option. Physical Harm If your spouse is... Read More

When is Child Support Over?
Posted on 11-15-2015 by Santo Artusa

Unlike many states, New Jersey does not have an automatic age where child support ends. The key to emancipation is when the "child" leaves the sphere of influence but at the same time, the child cannot simply sit at home expecting that the weekly obligation will continue to come in even if... Read More

High Fidelity This is the 860th Weekly Issue This Week's Topic: “Low…
Posted on 10-30-2015 by Dr. David B. Adams

November 2, 2015 This is the 860th Weekly Issue This Week's Topic: “High Fidelity” Question: “She was with him for every visit, and he told the staff today that they are divorcing. There must be something else that accounts for this abrupt change.” Dr. Adams replies... Read More

The Proper Steps To Take When Filing For Divorce In Salt Lake City
Posted on 10-27-2015 by Jill L. Coil

Filing a divorce in any jurisdiction is difficult and often requires the assistance of a skilled attorney. Salt Lake City is no different. The basic steps are straightforward, but the process can be quite exhausting, even with skilled representation from a local Salt Lake City divorce lawyer. What... Read More

Dividing Assets in a New Jersey Divorce
Posted on 09-19-2015 by Santo Artusa

The law in New Jersey concerning the division of assets in a divorce cases follows what is known as Equitable Distribution . So in New Jersey, 50%/50% is not automatic as it maybe in a community property state. Some of the key concepts enacted by New Jersey came from The Uniform Marriage and Divorce... Read More

Parenting Time and Child Support in New Jersey, The Injustice Must End
Posted on 09-19-2015 by Santo Artusa

I often receive calls from potential clients or loved ones of current clients that their spouse, boyfriend, friend, cousin has just been arrested because the person missed two child support payments and they need to have the person released from jail. On the other hand, I have consultations throughout... Read More

Gay Marriage and the Failed Attempt to recreate the "Rosa Parks" of Marriage
Posted on 09-16-2015 by Santo Artusa

As a divorce lawyer, I do not place my religious beliefs into my practice. I am sworn to the State of New Jersey and to the laws of the United States. I believe in separation between church and state. While the clerk in Kentucky came out of jail to fans who believe what she did was right, along with... Read More

Jersey City and New Jersey Divorce Lawyer-5 Commonly Asked Questions
Posted on 06-28-2015 by Santo Artusa

Over the years as working as a matrimonial attorney in Jersey City, New Jersey, I have compiled a list of 20 of the most frequently asked questions in contested divorce actions. Today, I will focus on 5 of the commonly asked questions in divorce consultations. My husband is the principal earner,... Read More

Heartbroken, Upset, Confused. When it's over, it's over, Divorcing in New Jersey-Key Tips
Posted on 06-28-2015 by Santo Artusa

Often people come into my Jersey City Office telling me why they are seeking divorces and why they should receive x or y. Most people do not realize that cheating on your spouse does not affect how assets are divided, how alimony is awarded (unless the cheating spouse starts living with the paramour... Read More

Decoding Divorce Acronyms
Posted on 04-20-2015 by Rosanne M. Beach

Going through the divorce process can be confusing, emotional, and overwhelming to say the least. Then you add a bunch of legal jargon to all of that and things tend to either go over your head or in one ear and out the other. If you want to keep up with your divorce case it might be helpful to learn... Read More

Does My Job Make Me More Prone to Divorce?!
Posted on 04-09-2015 by Rosanne M. Beach

In today's fast-paced, "money-hungry" world, finding a balance between work and family life seems to be a constant struggle for many people. Many people blame their job or their spouse's job as the root of the cause of their divorce . There have been studies done that indicate that... Read More