Superior legal writing’s damn hardest discipline …. walking away
Posted on 04-29-2016 by Travis Burchart

Long ago, I wrote legal briefs for a solo practitioner. My typical process: vomit the law on paper, shuttle it to my boss, scribble down his edits. This haphazard speed was commanded by our deadlines and client demands … i.e., crunch time demanded rapid output. But what’s good for output... Read More

Stone-faced attorneys: Some lawyers are still (wrongly) stoic about their social media profiles
Posted on 03-28-2016 by Travis Burchart

Winning clients means putting your best face forward. Does this mean a lawyer’s “ticked-off” face? That’s what history or popular culture would have you think. In social media, your best face isn’t your “ticked-off” face. Today’s lawyers do it less... Read More

The legal blog strategy that everyone’s afraid to preach: Write less!
Posted on 02-25-2016 by Travis Burchart

“Write less” … terrible advice for a writer, right? Stephen King thinks so. He once said: If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot . Great advice for a novelist but not necessarily for a legal blogger. Before we go any... Read More

Law school grads: What your job rivals don’t want you to know
Posted on 06-09-2015 by Travis Burchart

As a recent law grad, you’re steadfast in winning your first legal job. So how do you boost your chances of getting hired? Simple: Read the hiring partner’s mind. You think you already know this. You think hiring partners are focused on law school tiers and coveted law review positions... Read More

4 steps for crafting your law firm/website bio [infographic] #sociallawyering
Posted on 05-29-2015 by Tracie Morris

So you just created a website for your law firm and not sure where to start. The first place to start is creating your bio. Not sure how to make a good bio, here are 4 steps thanks to JDSupra : Read More

4 ethical sins of a social media lawyer #sociallawyering
Posted on 05-15-2015 by Tracie Morris

Social media presents us with many pros and cons, especially for lawyers. According to AttorneyAtWork , here are the 4 ethical sins of a social media lawyer: 1. Solicitation Once you ask someone to contact you or visit your website, or invite them to become clients for monetary gain, you are soliciting... Read More

3 reasons a lawyer should blog, & 13 tips to make your legal blogs a success
Posted on 05-08-2015 by Tracie Morris

The world of online marketing continues to expand, leaving behind those who can’t keep up with the changing times. One of today’s hot ways to market your firm is to blog. So for those who are unsure about blogging here are 3 reasons you should blog thanks to Business2Community : 1. It Improves... Read More

Law students: Your best use of blogs & social media
Posted on 04-02-2015 by Christina Alge

Social media, the once “trending” aspect now serves as common tool of communication in today’s society. Blogs, the “digital diary” as it originally started out to be, have not only grown in popularity, but have matured to serve purposes in many different industries. In a... Read More

14 law blog boosts when you're facing writer's block #writinglegally
Posted on 04-01-2015 by Chad Troyan

You are sitting there with your laptop knocking yourself in the head with your pen. Why? Some do it in hopes that eventually one of the knocks will jar an idea loose and they can finally get their blog post finished. We all deal with writer block. We all have had those nights where the only “progress”... Read More

4 ways to steer new readers to your legal blog #writinglegally
Posted on 03-25-2015 by Christina Alge

Start a new legal blog, and having trouble getting a following? Here are 4 ways to steer new readers to your legal blog according to BestLegalPractices . 1. Reach Out to Legal Industry Influencers The best way to make progress is to form relationships with other big-name legal bloggers. This allows... Read More

Blogging Best Practices: 5 tips to help get you started #writinglegally
Posted on 03-11-2015 by Tracie Morris

Because law school students are required to write a lot and may look for other avenues to get their writing out there, blogging is a great way to let your voice and opinion be heard. What better way to get your writing out there that than starting a blog? Now you may say: “Ok. Great. I’ve... Read More

Not writing a legal blog? 3 reasons why you better start #writinglegally
Posted on 03-11-2015 by Chad Troyan

Blogs, a useful tool for those gifted in writing, but a daunting tool for those who lack the ability to maintain a routine. So how does blogging fit into the legal realm today? Blogging seems to be a growing trend for lawyers today, but for those who don’t blog, here are 3 reasons why every... Read More

Destroy your credibility with this punctuation habit [Infographic] #writinglegally
Posted on 03-11-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

Writing isn’t an easy job. Especially when you really want to spark people’s interest, and garner some real excitement about the topic at hand. And, with so little space to communicate your message in the social sphere, you may rely on punctuation to help communicate your message to the masses... Read More

Spider-Man & the Kool-Aid Man™ Teach You 2 Lessons on Legal Blogging #WritingLegally
Posted on 03-02-2015 by Travis Burchart

My daughter dreams of being 3 things when she grows up: cheerleader magician Spider-Man She’s 51% tomboy so Spider-Man doesn't surprise me. To get the Spider-Man-thing rolling, I climbed into my attic, choked on the dust, and found a yellowing box stuffed with comic books. I dug... Read More

Horror writer, Stephen King, epitomizes a 30-year-old blogging lesson for lawyers #writinglegally
Posted on 11-07-2014 by Travis Burchart

Circa late 1980s (pre- Barnes and Noble , back in the day of shopping mall bookstores like B. Dalton and Waldenbooks ), I bought Stephen King’s short story collection, Skeleton Crew . While I knew the name Stephen King (he did this creepy Am Ex commercial ), the book was a mystery to me. Pretty... Read More

5 zombie traits that illustrate your law firm’s death in social media
Posted on 10-21-2014 by Travis Burchart

Zombies – they’re all the rage, like parachute pants in the ‘80s but not made of slick parachutes and not designed for your legs. Okay, so maybe not like parachute pants. They’re dead and hungry for brains, and … who knew? … there’s something like 350 different... Read More

Social media for law firms: Rocket science or heavy lifting? – 1 truth, 1 myth
Posted on 10-01-2014 by Travis Burchart

I attended a social media summit last year, and in listening to the experts, I sometimes thought, “What the heck are these people talking about?” At times, the jargon was undefinable, the concepts overly cerebral. To me, many of the speakers sounded like mathematicians, not marketers. Eventually... Read More

Are you killing your blog readers with boredom? 4 tips that’ll make you anti-boring
Posted on 09-08-2014 by Travis Burchart

Pretend the legal blogosphere is outer space. You’ve got the stars, which are bright and interesting, but then you’ve got the things you want to stay away from, like the black holes. Those stars – the interesting blogs – they shine a lot of light, and you enjoy looking at them... Read More

#1 cure for your bad legal blog: Quit being boring #writinglegally
Posted on 06-19-2014 by Travis Burchart

Your legal blog fails because it’s boring. Weak words and tired topics sedate your readers. There's a simple cure - be “less” boring. Transforming yourself into TMZ isn’t the remedy. Less boring simply demands a little color to offset the black and white. Academic, journalistic... Read More

Using Law Students to Power Your Blog: Win-Win for Everyone
Posted on 06-02-2014 by Christina Alge

Using Law Students to Power Your Blog: Win-Win for Everyone When it comes to ghostwriting law blogs, the majority view within the blawgosphere is “don’t.” At the same time, it is recognized that content makes a blog valuable to readers. So what can busy lawyers do to improve the quality... Read More

3 “expert” writing tips that can screw-up your law firm’s digital voice
Posted on 05-10-2014 by Travis Burchart

Submitting to experts is a quick way to quiet your law firm’s digital voice. When I started writing for the internet, I surrendered to the experts and their writing tips. But being a “tip” zombie prompted me to write some pitiful posts. Adhere to these three writing tips at your own... Read More

Prominent legal bloggers explore the cloud & legal blogging [video]
Posted on 05-01-2014 by Travis Burchart

(Please visit the site to view this video) At the 2014 LegalTech trade show the LexisNexis Firm Manager team had a chance to sponsor the blogger’s breakfast and a short panel discussion about the adoption of the law cloud, legal blogging, as well as many other interesting points around these... Read More

How are the largest 50 law firms in the US using social technologies and how effective are they?
Posted on 12-11-2013 by Guy Alvarez

How are America's largest law firms using social technologies? How effective are their methods? I want to share the results of The Social Law Firm white paper. This white paper outlines the results and general findings from a study which was undertaken jointly by Above the Law and Good2bSocial... Read More

To Blog or Not to Blog
Posted on 12-04-2013 by Steve Berstler

Slowly, there’s been an increase in the amount of blogging by lawyers increase over the years. Meanwhile, there’s been a great deal of blogging about lawyers blogging. Not long ago, Nicole Black, Director at and of counsel to Fiandach & Fiandach in Rochester, N.Y. wrote in... Read More

Garage inventor
Posted on 11-22-2013 by Hans Thielman

This article is critical of the America Invents Act. Read More