10 writing tips that’ll retool your legal writing #writinglegally
Posted on 08-06-2015 by Chad Troyan

Have you ever read your writing and thought “I could do better”. Well, have no fear because the ABA Journal is here to help! Here are 10 tips to improve your legal writing: Be sure you understand the client's problem Make sure you ask your client plenty of questions so you have... Read More

How To Think Like A Judge And Be A Better Legal Writer via Law360
Posted on 05-20-2016 by amanda-alge-bales

The article below has been republished in full courtesy of Law360, written by Aebra Coe. To write persuasively and win court cases, lawyers need to learn to think like judges, according to an academic paper published Thursday, and while getting inside a judge’s head isn't always easy, the... Read More

Just Starting Out in Your Legal Career? 12 Things to Avoid [Infographic]
Posted on 05-17-2016 by amanda-alge-bales

Being new is never easy, and starting a professional career can be a daunting experience for even the most confident law school graduates. Oftentimes, new attorneys are too nervous to truly admit their limitations, resulting in the twelve most common mistakes beginning lawyers make. According to Temple... Read More

Do you proofread your own material?
Posted on 05-12-2016 by Georgia Akers

Or is it too hard to proofread your own material? There are things you can do to help with the process. Grammarly has some good advice and let me add one more. Try changing the font to all caps. You may have to alter your spacing and it’s going to be annoying, but it will slow you down. What works... Read More

Check? 5 Items To Have On Your Checklist That You Need To Land A Job Post-Law School
Posted on 05-12-2016 by Chad Troyan

Have you ever created a checklist of items you want to have packed before you go on a trip? If you do, it may help you keep track of what all you have packed already and decide how ready you are to leave for the trip. Likewise it may be best to create a checklist to prepare you for the job search post... Read More

The Post-School Blues?- 5 Tips To Help You Find A Job After Law School
Posted on 05-12-2016 by Chad Troyan

Going to law school is one thing; landing your first job post-law school is another. If you are finding yourself having trouble finding a job post-school sit tight. Check out some tips below , thanks to Robert Half , that will surely help you find a job after law school. Go The Extra Mile In Law... Read More

Single quote marks or regular quote marks?
Posted on 04-27-2016 by Georgia Akers

I often see single quote marks used when regular quote marks are to be used. What’s the difference you ask? If you are trying to emphasize a phrase or word in your sentence, you will want to use what are called “scare quotes.” From CMOS : “Scare quotes” Quotation marks... Read More

It's Never too Late to Fix Redundancy in Your Writing
Posted on 04-13-2016 by Georgia Akers

What a cute baby puppy! Stop the redundancy in your writing, whether it be essays, emails, marketing material or briefs. Brought to you by QuickandDirtyTips.com Read More

5 Legal Cliches That Could Land You In Hot Water
Posted on 04-12-2016 by amanda-alge-bales

The article below has been republished in full courtesy of Law360, written by Aebra Coe - See more at: https://www.lexisnexis.com/lextalk/industry-trends/f/5/t/2891.aspx#sthash.VRydbGSV.dpuf The article below has been republished in full courtesy of Law360, written by Jenna Ebersole Every dog... Read More

Business Writing Mistakes -- Do You Have Any of These?
Posted on 03-31-2016 by Georgia Akers

From intra-company emails, to formal writing, there are just some things you shouldn't do!!! (note the !!!) 5 Biggest Business Writing Mistakes Brought to you by Grammarly.com Read More

Does your company have a style guide?
Posted on 03-21-2016 by Georgia Akers

Our style guide is a living wiki and the perfect blend of The Chicago Manual of Style and AP Stylebook . It evolves as the marketing world evolves. Do you have a style guide? Do you need one? Read here about why it’s good to have one. Read More

LexisNexis Author Henry Sommer Honored with the Distinguished Service Award from the American College of Bankruptcy
Posted on 03-17-2016 by Tracie Morris

It is with great admiration and respect that we congratulate the Co-Editor in Chief of Collier on Bankruptcy and one of the country’s preeminent consumer bankruptcy scholars and practitioners, Henry J. Sommer, on receiving the Distinguished Service Award from the American College of Bankruptcy... Read More

Federal Trade Commission–Our Frenemy?
Posted on 03-02-2016 by Georgia Akers

Very good article posted by our friends at ProofHQ. “6 Marketing Lessons from Recent FTC Rulings” Read More

A Comma Dilemma
Posted on 02-17-2016 by Georgia Akers

Q. Is it proper to put a comma after the year in a date? Example: On February 14, 2016, there were many Valentines to choose from. A. Yes! That’s the comma most often forgotten. A comma is needed after the day AND the year. However, none is needed between just the month and year. Example: In... Read More

Spell Numbers vs. Write Numbers
Posted on 02-03-2016 by Georgia Akers

Should you ever mix spelling numbers and writing numbers in a sentence? “Miles, along with three of his friends, went to lunch and they bumped into 11 more classmates and two teachers.” A common rule of thumb is to spell out numbers one through nine and write out numbers 10 and larger. However... Read More

10 Tips To Be A Successful International Law Student
Posted on 01-29-2016 by Sanjeev Verma

Leaving your friends, family, and country to pursue your education is not an easy decision. Starting student life in a new country can be quite overwhelming as there are a lot of challenges that you need to face. Compared to domestic students, international students encounter more specific challenges... Read More

7 Typical Writing Mistakes
Posted on 01-20-2016 by Georgia Akers

A new year is here and the possibilities are endless! Don’t let writer’s block stop you from creating your best work. And try to stay away from these 7 common mistakes as you create new material. Read More

“Verbalizing” Nouns: A Dangerous Business #WritingLegally
Posted on 01-12-2016 by amanda-alge-bales

The suffix “–ize” is on the loose, verbalizing and uglyizing our language. Some people think you can tack “–ize” onto any noun and create a verb; however, many nouns have no business being used as verbs. Verbalizing nouns is a dangerous business with the result... Read More

More on Subject-Verb Agreement
Posted on 12-23-2015 by Georgia Akers

You’re reading something and then you have to re-read it. Was that right? Did that verb agree with that subject? What if the sentence has multiple subjects? Then what? This one should be easy for the writers out there: The list of items is/are on the desk. But what about this one: Neither the... Read More

How to address a colleague’s horrible writing: 10 Tips
Posted on 12-23-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

At what point would you feel it is necessary to have a sit down with an attorney you supervise and let him (or her) know their writing is sometimes careless, and lacks legal research and analysis? If you are unsure, try taking these three additional factors into consideration: An older attorney... Read More

Holiday Cards
Posted on 12-17-2015 by Georgia Akers

It’s that time of year. Holiday Cards. Do you still mail yours via snail mail? Even if you don’t, you should know the correct way to address an envelope, or sign a card. And for those of you with my problem (a last name that ends with an “s”), you’ll find it particularly... Read More

Posted on 12-02-2015 by Georgia Akers

How to use the apostrophe … the right way. See how to use it for possession or omission—I’m a child of the ‘80s and I OK’d this article. Read on… Read More

Composing an RFP? 3 Things to Avoid
Posted on 11-30-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

The article below has been republished in full courtesy of Law360, written by Kelly Knaub Competition between law firms vying for new work can be intense, and attorneys responding to requests for proposals may be tempted to do everything in their power to dazzle the corporations seeking outside legal... Read More

Having a hard time retaining clients? 3 Tips from Those That Keep Firing Their Firms
Posted on 11-19-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

The article below has been republished in full courtesy of Law360, written by Melissa Maleske Twenty percent of large law firms report they lose four of their top 10 clients every year, and bringing in new clients can cost eight to 12 times more than getting business from a current one, according to... Read More

Job Satisfaction –Do Legal Professionals Like Their Jobs?
Posted on 11-17-2015 by Tracie Morris

When it comes to the legal profession, the chasm between perception and reality is vast. It seems that there are new stories daily about the exorbitant cost of law school alongside stories about the absence of jobs in the legal market. Lawyers are often the punch lines in jokes and portrayed to be at... Read More