Preparing for the Bar Exam: What Works?
Posted on 05-16-2016 by Tracie Morris

Nearly 40,000 students across the country just breathed a sigh of relief after successfully completing three years of law school and receiving their Juris Doctorate degrees. That relief will be short-lived, however, as most graduates now move on to prepare for the bar exam. And, if the recent reports... Read More

Register Now for Upcoming May Webinars!
Posted on 05-02-2016 by Tracie Morris

Don't use the beautiful weather as an excuse to put off registering for these upcoming May webinars. Don't wait- sign up today! Staying Current With The CFPB and Other Banking Regulators via LexisNexis Date/Time: May 13 at 1:30 pm ET Keeping up with the latest developments in the post-recession... Read More

The Importance of Legal Research Skills for Practice | RIPS Law Librarian Blog
Posted on 04-27-2016 by Jamie Baker

Nearly all law schools are focusing on preparing “practice-ready” graduates. This approach to legal education was advanced in the 1990’s with the McCrate Report , and it has really taken hold within the last few years. A major part of preparing practice-ready grads is teaching effective... Read More

Our Editorial Process: A combination of technology and expertise
Posted on 04-22-2016 by Alison Manchester

LexisNexis is committed to providing our customers with the case law information they need from a source they can trust. On April 15, Thomson Reuters reported that portions of text were missing from approximately 600 of its cases. As of May 9, that number is now over 2,800 cases. We think this... Read More

Webinar-Register Now!: FRCP Retooled—The First Six Months
Posted on 04-19-2016 by Tracie Morris

Register now for the following webinar-" RCP Retooled—The First Six Months" On Dec. 1, 2015, new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure took effect that were designed to bring watershed changes to civil discovery. What strategies are litigators using in response to the amendments? How are... Read More

Using Emotional Language in Brief Writing
Posted on 03-29-2016 by Jamie Baker

During legal research writing for international LL.M. student, I discuss the role of logos, pathos, and ethos as modes of persuasion for brief writing. Pathos (plural: pathe) is an appeal to the audience’s emotions, and the terms sympathy, pathetic, and empathy are derived from it. During... Read More

Webinar: “Is Your IP China-Ready?” - Register Now
Posted on 03-28-2016 by Tracie Morris

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / conrud Too many American companies go into China or start doing business with Chinese companies, without really knowing the varied risks China poses to their valuable intellectual property and trade secrets,” said Dan Harris, author of the China Law Blog . “These... Read More

Register Now! - April Webinars
Posted on 03-28-2016 by Tracie Morris

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Alexey Grigorev Don't wait- register now for these upcoming April LexisNexis® Webinars: Navigating the User History Map Date/Time: April 19 @ 1:30 P.M. Duration: 30 minutes Register>> Taxation—How to stay current with LexisNexis Date/Time... Read More

Register for this Upcoming Webinar--Litigation Outsourcing—Should It Be in or Out?”
Posted on 03-15-2016 by Tracie Morris

Register to join us for this upcoming March webinar: “Litigation Outsourcing—Should It Be in or Out?” As a law firm, legal department or government agency, you naturally do a lot of legal work. But you also perform an incredible amount of non-legal services. The question is—should... Read More

Know the difference. Make a difference with Lexis Advance®
Posted on 02-02-2016 by pavan

Clearly, legal research needs to be comprehensive, authoritative and efficient. And today it can be more intuitive than ever before. But how can you be sure you don’t miss anything vital? What are the key differences between top legal research solutions? With an informed choice, you can be ready... Read More

Are you attending the LTNY?
Posted on 01-22-2016 by Dave.DiCicco

If yes, let’s chat about a drafting and review tool that can that can save you hours . You need to know about it, especially the latest release (as covered by LegalTech news in LexisNexis Adds New Capabilities to Lexis for Microsoft Office . I will be providing in-depth demo sessions during LTNY... Read More

How to find every time an author has been cited in other works
Posted on 01-22-2016 by jesellers88

I talked to a Lexis rep, but he said the only way on LexisAdvance was to do a basic search for the name. He mentioned there might be a way to do an author search on, but did not specify. Can show me how to do this? Read More

LexisNexis® January Webinars
Posted on 01-11-2016 by Tracie Morris

Register for these upcoming webinars: New York Module Content Overview Date/Time: January 26 th at 1:30pm EST Register>> ~~~~~ Banking Solutions- Pratt & Sheshunoff are exclusive to LexisNexis Financial privacy, bank security, e-banking technology, CFPB regulation, and anti-money laundering... Read More

Lexis® for Microsoft Office® v5.3 ready for download
Posted on 01-11-2016 by Stacy_Staarmann

Based on continual collaboration with customers, we are excited to release v5.3 for Lexis® for Microsoft Office®. Your drafting and review tools are now more powerful and flexible than ever before. With v5.3 Lexis® for Microsoft Office® now offers users the following enhancements: ... Read More

Senior Partner Complaints Re: Associate Brief Writing
Posted on 12-10-2015 by Jamie Baker

Thank you, FindLaw , for succinctly substantiating the things I try to teach my international LL.M. students regarding the pitfalls of brief writing. Associates have spent years writing, from their undergrad thesis papers, to their torturous legal writing courses, to their summer internship memos.... Read More

REGISTER NOW for the LexisNexis December Training & Webinar Opportunities!
Posted on 11-18-2015 by Tami Hubbard

Looking for something to do in your down time. Sign up for one of these “Coffee Break” webinars! Each of these webinars are only 30 minutes and offer valuable information. What’s even better about these webinars is that you will receive a $5 Gourmet Coffee Card for each webinar you... Read More

How To Ask For Feedback On Writing
Posted on 10-15-2015 by Jamie Baker

A post over at Vitae , a Chronicle of Higher Education blog, gives pointers to academic writers on getting a useful critique. In anticipation of the first draft conferences with my international LL.M. students, I couldn't help but wish that they knew this information. The writing coach noted... Read More

Lexis Advance® for the Pharmaceutical Legal Professional [OnDemand Webinar]
Posted on 10-15-2015 by Tammy Pietrzak

Representing one of the most highly regulated industries requires staying in front of constantly evolving legislative and regulatory developments and reacting quickly to offer informed advice. Reviewing new regulations, actions considered or taken, keeping abreast of pharmaceutical and biotechnology... Read More

need help with browser . . .
Posted on 10-15-2015 by jobsdoneright23

can someone please upload a copy of "Portable Firefox" to their files for me? The terminal I use to access LexisNexis and LexTalk is still using IE7. It also ONLY allows access to Lexis-related sites and has no USB ports or optical drive for me to use to copy PF myself. Without a browser supporting... Read More

Advance your insurance claims research [complimentary webinar]
Posted on 10-12-2015 by Tammy Pietrzak

Sign up for our short Webinar to see how insurance claims professionals like you get the results they need with Lexis Advance®. So what exactly will the presentation cover? Great question! This presentation we will review the Lexis Advance platform and how it can help you conduct your insurance... Read More

Interested in Refining Your Legal Research Skills? Attend One of Our October Webinars
Posted on 10-06-2015 by Tami Hubbard

Sharpen your legal research skills by attending one of our 30-minute, how-to webinars during the month of October. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What’s new on Lexis Practice Advisor ® Friday, October 16 1:30-2:00 pm ET The Lexis Practice Advisor®... Read More

Tuesday Tips: Enhance Your Regulatory & Legislative Research With Lexis Advance® [On-Demand Webinar]
Posted on 09-15-2015 by Tammy Pietrzak

Join us for a short webinar to see how professionals like you get the results they need with Lexis Advance®. During this complimentary Webinar, we will review the Lexis Advance research platform and how it can help you: Locate laws and regulations Find the current status of laws, potential... Read More

Learn How To Do Your Favorite Things on Lexis Advance
Posted on 09-01-2015 by Sarah Patrick

Setting Alerts Lexis Advances has enhanced alerts in two key ways: No transaction charge for the search to run behind the scenes Can set up publication alert to receive a sight list see all new documents added to a publication that matches your search Learn how to set alerts here .... Read More

Lexis Advance® Tax: specialized online tax law resources
Posted on 08-28-2015 by Elizabeth

Search across all tax content within a state or multiple states with a few simple clicks. A search through all of the tax content within a state will run across Statutes, Regulations, Cases, Administrative Materials, Municipal Codes, and State Tax Practice Insights at once. Searching all Content... Read More