Using you LinkedIn profile to target clients? Possible?
Posted on 01-15-2016 by amanda-alge-bales

The article below has been republished in full courtesy of Law360, written by Andrew Strickler A lawyer’s LinkedIn profile only constitutes attorney advertising if it meets a series of criteria, according to a recent New York City ethics opinion, and isn’t subject to legal advertising... Read More

Louisiana Attorney Who Was Paid In Weed Can Keep Practicing. Wait what?
Posted on 10-28-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

The article below has been republished in full courtesy of Law360, written by Aebra Coe The Louisiana Disciplinary Board has concluded that a criminal defense attorney who admitted to bartering his legal services for marijuana shouldn’t miss work for the misdemeanor, landing on a deferred suspension... Read More

“Better Call Saul”: Your legal ethics tutorial?
Posted on 07-28-2015 by Tracie Morris

We all have watched television and saw a sequence of events that cause us to say the following: “That would not happen in real life” or “That isn’t true” We usually say these things have been victim to the “Hollywood Effect”, where aspects of movies or shows... Read More

Legal Profession: Should position demand greater level of integrity?
Posted on 06-18-2015 by Chad Troyan

Lawyers, journalists, doctors, police officers- all of these positions hold a powerful position within our society. While the idea of having authority or such power sounds appealing to most, with power comes responsibility. The power they hold can affect countless peoples’ lives. People who do... Read More

Is a Nesting Custody Arrangement Right for Me?
Posted on 01-07-2015 by Rosanne M. Beach

Trying to figure out a custody arrangement that will work best for both yourself and your children can be difficult and overwhelming. One type of custody arrangement that is not often mentioned or considered is what is known as a "nesting custody arrangement." This type of custodial agreement... Read More

Complex Issues - Required Financial Disclosures in Divorce
Posted on 01-07-2015 by Jaime Teuchert-Cage

We often blog about the statutory requirement in all California divorces for divorcing parties to exchange complete financial disclosures. The required disclosure documents consist substantially of an Income and Expense Declaration and a Schedule of Assets and Debts. Through the completion of these documents... Read More

I've Been Selected as a Non-Professional Supervised Visitation Provider, Now What?
Posted on 01-06-2015 by Rosanne M. Beach

As discussed in my previous blog, "Supervised Visitation as a Safeguard in Divorce Cases," a family law judge may order supervised visitation when necessary to protect the safety of a child . A non-professional provider is typically a friend or family member of the parents who provides the... Read More

Option to Hire a Privately Compensated Temporary Judge
Posted on 12-16-2014 by Rosanne M. Beach

If you are going through a divorce then you are likely aware of how impacted the courts are, due to a limited budget, and how long a divorce can be drawn out as a result of court hearings being scheduled months out. Impacted courts are especially a concern for litigants going through a divorce who are... Read More

False Allegations of Child Abuse - Penalties for the Accuser
Posted on 12-16-2014 by Jaime Teuchert-Cage

In family law, especially cases involving custody and visitation disputes, it can be tempting for litigants to make false allegations in order to get ahead in their cases. However, false accusations have no place in family law and in fact may be severely punished if discovered. San Diego family law judges... Read More

Ethical concerns of conducting research via the open Web [CLE-eligible Webinar]
Posted on 12-01-2014 by Vorheean

According to the ABA’s 2014 Legal Technology Survey Report (Volume V: Online Research), well over 90% of researchers use “free online resources” for their research, and many of those practitioners actually start their research with such resources, most often via Google™. But what... Read More

Should I Use an Expert to help with my Divorce?
Posted on 11-13-2014 by Jaime Teuchert-Cage

It is common in contested divorce cases for one or both parties to hire a family law attorney. Divorce attorneys are experts in the law; however, they are not all necessarily experts in specialized areas that some divorces involve. Throughout San Diego County there are a variety of experts who work with... Read More

ER for Lawyers Provides Online Legal Ethics Research to Lawyers Nationwide Yahoo
Posted on 11-01-2014 by Hans Thielman

Attorney Kathryn A. Thompson has announced the launch of ER for Lawyers LLC (Ethics Research for Lawyers), which is supposed to be the first-ever privately operated nationwide ethics research service for attorneys. Read More

The High Cost of Security Breaches: It's More Than You Think
Posted on 10-07-2014 by Vanessa Lloyd

This infographic breaks down where the real costs of data breaches come from and offers tips that will help keep your organization's name out of the headlines. Infographic courtesy of VERACODE . Join us Wednesday for a complimentary CLE* Webinar about Cybercrime vs. Corporate Security: Battling... Read More

Monday Marvel: Cyber Security – You’re Not As Safe As You Think [Infographic]
Posted on 10-06-2014 by Vanessa Lloyd

Small businesses often assume they are safe from cyber attacks because they are too small to be of interest to hackers. Many small businesses also mistakenly assume they have taken adequate measures to protect themselves. The below infographic (courtesy of VERACODE ) highlights the risks faced by small... Read More

Cybercrime vs. Corporate Security: Battling Bank Theft, Spearfishing and Fraudulent Transfers [Webinar]
Posted on 10-01-2014 by Vanessa Lloyd

Photo Credit: Oleksiy Mark / Cybercrime. It is a daily global activity that increasingly threatens businesses. During this complimentary CLE webinar, the speakers will discuss the Fourth and Fifth Amendment issues raised in criminal cases due to rapidly developing technology, as well... Read More

How does Pete Rose fare in the court of public opinion?
Posted on 09-12-2014 by Chad Troyan

“One. Two. Three strikes you’re at out at the old ball game.” This lyric from “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” can represent so much many different things. From summertime nights to that walk off home run to push your team into the playoffs this lyric is a part of America’s... Read More

May an employer fire an employee for moonlighting while on Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave? What do you think?
Posted on 09-09-2014 by Doug Esten

It depends on whether the employee engaged in FMLA fraud or a violation of the employer's policy. An employee who is on approved leave under the FMLA and accepts another employment opportunity or works another job (moonlights) is not automatically considered to have committed FMLA fraud. FMLA fraud... Read More

Playing fantasy football for money isn’t gambling. Wait, what?
Posted on 08-28-2014 by Travis Burchart

Photo Credit: Nick_Nick / As the saying goes, who’s ready for some football? The countdown is on! In a few short days, water coolers all across the United States will be infiltrated with passionate sports enthusiasts interjecting their bragging rights (and/or passionate comments... Read More

This the season for summer interns, but should you pay them?
Posted on 06-30-2014 by rheamalhotra

With over 35 lawsuits being filed against companies holding unpaid internships, it’s time to delve into the pros of paying your interns. Yes, it is the company’s money – I agree. But you could end up paying a lot more after one intern ventures to sue. With research, I’ve composed... Read More

Could you recognize trafficking if you came upon it?
Posted on 06-24-2014 by KellyHeinrich

Hidden in plain sight, men, women and children are physically and psychologically compelled into work in factories, agriculture and other industries and into prostitution. Trafficked persons live and work in our communities, producing the goods and services we use every day. They can’t leave because... Read More

The OJ Simpson Murder Trial Remains one of the Top 10 controversial court cases
Posted on 06-17-2014 by Doug Esten

Twenty years ago today, the murder case of O.J. Simpson began with the televised police chase of Simpson in a white Ford Bronco through Los Angeles roads June 17, 1994. Other cases that made the list, as reported by HowStuffWorks , include: 9. Court Case 9: Lizzie Borden 8. Court Case 8: Sam Sheppard... Read More

USA v. Ghana: Are World Cup Office Pools Legal?
Posted on 06-16-2014 by Ted Zwayer

With the world cup already underway, today many Americans will rally around the United States Men’s Soccer team as the U.S. plays Ghana in the 2014 FIFA World Cub . And, just like with March Madness, an office pool may have employees predicting the final result wagering a de minimis amount of money... Read More

What’s Needed for Solos & Smalls To Innovate?
Posted on 05-19-2014 by Tracie Morris

Solo and small firm lawyers account for roughly 65 percent of all attorneys. Still, not all solos and smalls innovate – some are simply too busy serving clients; others are too practical to innovate just for the sake of looking cool. But there’s another far more serious obstacle to solo and... Read More

Lawyer Literally Shocks Witness In Court, Gets In Big Trouble With Judge Business Insider
Posted on 05-07-2014 by Hans Thielman

What not to do in court with a witness. Read More

Fatal surgery error blamed on anesthesiologist's social media use (i.e., "distracted doctoring")
Posted on 05-07-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

Distracted doctoring can cause physicians to miss a subtle but life-impacting piece of data, according to other physicians. According to the article Social media blamed for fatal Texas anesthesia error via Hampton & King , estimates show that as many as 54 percent of nurse anesthetists are distracted... Read More