Law school wisdom: 10 chapters from 10 diverse books (Part 3 of 3)
Posted on 08-02-2016 by Travis Burchart

60 minutes of pleasure reading. For law school students, it’s a waste. During law school, I never wasted 60 minutes on pleasure reading. If a book didn’t have “Casebook” or “Bluebook” or “Law” in the title, then forget it. But I’m not asking... Read More

Anytime vs. Any Time
Posted on 08-18-2016 by Georgia Akers

Anytime vs. Any Time Is there a difference? YES! And I see the mistake a lot. And it’s not pretty when it’s in 100-point type staring you in the face. Grammarly can help you understand the difference. No one wants to see this error at any time during the year. You can thank me anytime... Read More

Bad Legal Writing Cut Down To Size In Age Of Short Attention Spans via Law360
Posted on 08-02-2016 by amanda-alge-bales

The article below has been republished in full courtesy of Law360, written by Melissa Maleske . For as long as lawyers have existed, their writing has been a subject of scorn. Philosopher Jeremy Bentham described lawyers’ writing as “excrementitious matter.” Founding father Thomas... Read More

New Attys Need Integrity, Common Sense Above Legal Skill via Law360
Posted on 08-02-2016 by Tracie Morris

The article below has been republished in full courtesy of Law360, written by Kali Hays . Law360, New York (July 27, 2016, 3:31 PM ET) -- Considering about 40 percent of students that graduated law school last year have not found full-time jobs that call for a law license, according to the American... Read More

Improve Analogies For Better Legal Briefs, Paper Says via Law360
Posted on 07-06-2016 by Tracie Morris

The article below has been republished in full courtesy of Law360, written by Dani Meyer. Law360, New York (June 27, 2016, 4:26 PM ET) -- Analogies are a critical writing device in legal briefs, given the reliance of the U.S. legal system on precedent, but most attorneys aren’t using them to... Read More

9 Writing Styles Epitomized by Current SCOTUS Justices [Infographic] #writinglegally
Posted on 10-16-2015 by amanda-alge-bales

“Language is the central tool of our trade…” ~ Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. And as Chief Justice Roberts once said, "words are the building blocks of the law. If we aren’t fastidious with language it dilutes the effectiveness and clarity of the law." For those... Read More

How To Think Like A Judge And Be A Better Legal Writer via Law360
Posted on 05-20-2016 by amanda-alge-bales

The article below has been republished in full courtesy of Law360, written by Aebra Coe. To write persuasively and win court cases, lawyers need to learn to think like judges, according to an academic paper published Thursday, and while getting inside a judge’s head isn't always easy, the... Read More

Using Emotional Language in Brief Writing
Posted on 03-29-2016 by Jamie Baker

During legal research writing for international LL.M. student, I discuss the role of logos, pathos, and ethos as modes of persuasion for brief writing. Pathos (plural: pathe) is an appeal to the audience’s emotions, and the terms sympathy, pathetic, and empathy are derived from it. During... Read More

Posted on 06-23-2016 by Georgia Akers

“They” It’s a hot topic. And it’s singular … not plural. Find out why “they” is replacing “he/she.” Read on at Read More

Preparing for the Bar Exam: What Works?
Posted on 05-16-2016 by Tracie Morris

Nearly 40,000 students across the country just breathed a sigh of relief after successfully completing three years of law school and receiving their Juris Doctorate degrees. That relief will be short-lived, however, as most graduates now move on to prepare for the bar exam. And, if the recent reports... Read More

Top 5 Mistakes Young Associates Should Avoid via Law360
Posted on 05-12-2016 by Tracie Morris

The article below has been republished in full courtesy of Law360, written by Stephanie Russell-Kraft. When young attorneys join a new firm fresh out of law school, they’re eager to start putting their hard-earned legal knowledge to use, but the realities of legal work can make them prone to... Read More

Just Starting Out in Your Legal Career? 12 Things to Avoid [Infographic]
Posted on 05-17-2016 by amanda-alge-bales

Being new is never easy, and starting a professional career can be a daunting experience for even the most confident law school graduates. Oftentimes, new attorneys are too nervous to truly admit their limitations, resulting in the twelve most common mistakes beginning lawyers make. According to Temple... Read More

What Skills to Put on Your Resume? [Infographic]
Posted on 05-25-2016 by kubakzz

When a recruiter looks at your resume, one of the main things they will be looking for is a sign that you have the proper skill set for the job. That’s why it is extremely important to make sure that the skills you include are relevant and easy to find. But how do you know what skills... Read More

Avoid writing mistakes!
Posted on 05-31-2016 by Georgia Akers

Remember—you’re at work. It matters. Be as professional as you can. The Worst Writing Mistakes You Can Make at Work Read More

Don’t be a hostage to hackneyed talk: 5 mystifying words you should challenge
Posted on 05-28-2016 by Travis Burchart

In the mainstream media, the establishment often creates a neo-romantic idea of modern democracy. Only the avid American understands this. I wrote this sentence, but I don’t know what the hell it means. I feel stupid reading it. It’s crammed full of mystifying words. True, those words... Read More

If you’re a debt-loaded law grad, here's 5 let's-get-real tips from a frugal, old lawyer
Posted on 05-27-2016 by Travis Burchart

During college, I had a fraternity brother, Tommy, who one day pulled up in a shiny new, white/black-topped Jeep. The thing was spotless, gleaming and beautiful. No comparing it to my beat-up, old ’88 Nissan Altima. We were cash-strapped college students so I asked, “How’d you pay... Read More