Rule of Law: What We Accomplished in 2019
Posted on 12-17-2019 by beng

At LexisNexis, one of our primary missions is advancing the Rule of Law around the world. This year, some of our most inspiring accomplishments were focused on that mission and it’s a privilege to engage in this mission together with our people... Read More

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Wellness Wednesday: Dec. 11, 2019
Posted on 12-11-2019 by beng

It’s Wellness Wednesday at LexTalk! Let’s get down to business: First up, this piece from the Virginia Lawyers Weekly on how lawyers can be positive role models when it comes to mental health, fitness and wellness in the workplace. Instead... Read More

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Recognizing champions of the Rule of Law around the globe
Posted on 12-10-2019 by beng

By Ian McDougall With my involvement in advancing the Rule of Law, it amazes me how many amazing people exist in the world who are dedicated to making it a better place. They do it, very often, without any kind of widespread recognition. They do it... Read More

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UN Foundation honors LexisNexis for advancing Rule of Law (VIDEO)
Posted on 12-05-2019 by beng

LexisNexis CEO Mike Walsh was recently honored by the UN Foundation with a Global Leadership Award for leading the company in its efforts to advance Rule of Law around the globe. Carmen Pombo presented Walsh with the award at the UN Foundation's We... Read More

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Wellness Wednesday Roundup: Dec. 4, 2019
Posted on 12-04-2019 by beng

Time again for another Wellness Wednesday Roundup here at LexTalk from LexisNexis. Each week we present to you a few recent pieces regarding health and wellness in the legal industry, a topic that’s becoming more and more prevalent with each passing... Read More

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November 2019 Ponzi Scheme Roundup
Posted on 12-02-2019 by

Posted by Kathy Bazoian Phelps Below is a summary of the activity reported for November 2019. The reported stories reflect at least 12 new Ponzi schemes worldwide; at least 8 guilty pleas and convictions, over 81 years of newly imposed sentences for... Read More