India vs. Pakistan vs. Bangladesh – “The Sun Never Sets On the British Empire!”
Posted on 07-17-2018 by Mshahlaw

By Mona Shah, Esq. and Rebecca S. Singh, Esq. At first sight, one could be excused for thinking that this was an article relating to cricket, after all With economic growth averaging 6 percent over the last two decades, South Asia has one of the world’s... Read More

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The Invisible Wall Is Already Up and Running!
Posted on 07-13-2018 by Mshahlaw

By Jinhee Wilde, Esq. While President Trump’s rhetoric on stopping illegal immigration and his administration’s discontinuation of the DACA program and Temporary Protective Status for various Central American countries has dominated discussions... Read More

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Protecting Reputation in an Online World
Posted on 07-13-2018 by Jim Wagstaffe

By Jim Wagstaffe, The Wagstaffe Group We live in a world in which the internet has the potential to amplify defamatory communications unparalleled in human history. Plainly, the worldwide web vastly expands the reach and impact of online defamation... Read More

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