Star Wars Lawyers: 12 Articles That'll Unleash Your Legal Jedi

Posted on 06-05-2018 by
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What can we learn from “Star Wars”? As a kid, “Star Wars” taught us about teamwork, believing in the impossible and the importance of doing the right thing, like, spoiler alert, Darth Vader eventually does (also, that space battles are really cool, but I digress).

As adults, there’s still plenty to be learned from the “Star Wars” franchise. Here is a list of articles that share valuable lessons from “Star Wars” as we celebrate “Solo” being released into theaters:

1. “Star Wars” & Law: “A Solo Train Robbing Adventure”

Inspired by a scene from the new “Solo” movie, this offers insight into a history of train robbing and the laws surrounding it in the U.S.

2. 10 Leadership Lessons From "Star Wars"

10 quotes to quench your desire to become a better leader from some of the best leaders within “Star Wars.”

3. Dear Darth Vader: A Leadership Letter to the Dark Lord

An open letter to Lord Vader, it utilizes the opportunity to provide feedback to a character known for his intimidating leadership style.

4. A “Star Wars” Constitution: The Bill of Rights [infographic]

The most important laws to be written following the Rebellion’s defeat of the Empire.

5. “Star Wars” Verdicts & Settlements: Top 5

The top court decisions that have a connection to the “Star Wars” franchise.

6. George Lucas & the Law: 1 part “Star Wars” History, 1 part Constitutional Law Lesson

How the “Star Wars” franchise can provide insight into constitutional law.

7. “Star Wars” Wisdom Converted to Case Law

A way to get an average person to understand legal jargon: use more “Star Wars” references.

8. “Star Wars”-Loving Lawyers: “The Legal Status of Rebel Fighters in Rogue One”

A clarification on specifics regarding the Rebellion to connect “Rogue One” with the portrayal of the Rebellion in Episodes 4-6.

9. 5 Leadership Failures From "Star Wars"

Mistakes can be made, but here’s some suggestions about how to avoid the mistakes that were made by the Empire.

10. How “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Can Teach You to Be a Better Leader

20 quotes and lessons from “The Last Jedi” that will give you a leg up in leadership abilities.

11. Answers to Vital Legal Questions from “Star Wars”

A lawyer’s answers to questions in the legal process from episodes 4-6.

12. An Interesting “Star Wars” Legal Question: “Could the Mos Eisley Cantina Discriminate Against Serving Droids?”

How discrimination in Mos Eisley can be compared to the laws and cases that are associated with discrimination in the U.S.

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