They Most Certainly Are Your Competition

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Put yourself in your prospective client’s shoes.


By Matt Starosciak

Any law firm that does the same kind of work you do in the same region is your competition. It’s a mistake to believe they are not simply because of your team’s superior skill, compassion, structure, or ability to deliver results for clients.

Over the years, I have heard many personal injury lawyers say that a particular mega-advertiser isn’t their competition. I’ve come to conclude that what they really mean is that their own firm…

  • Doesn’t aspire to be like the mega-advertiser
  • Is composed of much better attorneys, and
  • Obtains superior results for their clients

What these attorneys often fail to understand is that none of those differentiators are obvious to a prospective client who is looking at a list of law firms on a Google results page.

In order to maximize marketing ROI, you must always put yourself in your prospective client’s shoes. Recognize that they will not be as discriminating as you would be when looking for an attorney. Also understand that they know very little about the differences between law firms that are either obvious or well-known to you.

Here is another quick example. It’s very common for personal injury mega-advertisers to send someone to a prospective client’s home to sign them up. And many of these firms can have a person there within one hour of the initial conversation between the firm’s intake and prospect. Many high-quality, traditional law firms believe this is tacky and look down on the practice, proclaiming that “we would never do something like that.” Many clients, on the other hand, find this to be an incredible display of great customer service. They don’t want to fight traffic to get downtown, try to navigate a confusing parking structure, and find a sitter for their children.

I’m not necessarily advocating for home visits, and this concept doesn’t only apply to personal injury firms. The idea of seeing things from your prospective client’s perspective is incredibly important in all practice areas and firm sizes. So remember…

  • Everyone is competition.
  • The fact that you are different from another firm in your own mind doesn’t make them less of a competitor.
  • Prospective clients typically see only a tiny bit of information before picking up the phone or sending an email. (This is another reason your intake must be perfect.)

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