Accelerating Legal Tech: If You’re an Advancing Lawyer, You’ll Flourish. If Not ....

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As tomorrow’s technology accelerates, yesterday’s lawyer wanes


Many well-trained lawyers are quickly becoming untrained lawyers.

“Choice” is one of the culprits ... the choice to not keep pace with ever-changing legal technology. And this leads to the second culprit: “ever-changing technology.” To be more specific, we’re talking accelerating technology.

Accelerating technology, along with lawyer passivity (some might call it “technology lethargy”), will be the downfall of some very good lawyers. In this day and age (and because of acceleration, “this day and age” is always one step ahead of you), the power of yesterday’s lawyer wanes as the power of tomorrow’s technology accelerates.

Let me say this again because it’s the most important warning of your legal future:

  • yesterday’s lawyer wanes as tomorrow’s technology accelerates!

Put bluntly, as legal tech speeds forward, some very smart—though unresponsive—lawyers plunge backwards. Lawyers, to be successful, to survive the future, need to wake up; they need to confess this universal truth:

  • the legal profession, like many other professions, must embrace technology acceleration.

This acceleration, if adopted and optimized, can be a professional windfall for all lawyers.

Facing Acceleration Head-On: 1st Step = Mental Prep

 Technology adoption, for some lawyers, begins simply with knowledge. As ex-U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan once said:

Knowledge is power.

Information is liberating.

Education is the premise of progress ....

One way to educate yourself ... to empower yourself against acceleration ... is to READ, READ, READ! To get you started, Clocktimizer put together this list of 5 books for the tech savvy lawyer. They include:

  1. The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts by Daniel & Richard Susskind
  2. Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Harari
  3. Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer by Chrissie Lightfoot
  4. Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
  5. The Most Human Human: What Artificial Intelligence Teaches Us About Being Alive by Brian Christian

But reading is only half the battle ... the passive half. The active half requires you to do something about acceleration, to accelerate yourself.

By definition, acceleration reflects your “capacity to gain speed within a short time.” To gain technological speed as a lawyer, implement a technology plan. Canadian Lawyer lists the following steps for technology implementation:

  1. Conduct a self-assessment.
  2. Research your options.
  3. Determine which technologies you will need to operate your legal practice.
  4. Test before your commit.
  5. Implement/understand the goals and expectations.

Advancing Legal Technology: The Value of High-Level Tools

So you’ve educated yourself about legal technology.

And you’ve thought through your technology plan.

Be proud for a moment ... you’re now advancing toward the title of “Tech-Savvy Lawyer.”

But to increase your advancement even more—to gain speed faster than your competition—you need to compare tools.

Take a glance, and you’ll see legal tools accelerating. Everywhere, they accelerate! But take a longer look, and you’ll see some tools accelerating faster than others. These tools sit at the cutting edge, moving at light speed while other tools merely maintain a steady pace.

Cutting-edge technology drives high-level tools, and high-level tools are advancing lawyers and launching legal professions. Without high-level tools, a legal professional is at a severe disadvantage. In this day and age, the lawyer who lacks high-level tools is in retreat. He or she is behind the competition by decades!

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