Tax Attorneys: Your Perfect Storm ... 2018 Tax Season!

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Tax attorneys: Master your workload before it masters you. 


It’s a great time to be a tax attorney.

You’re popular because of tax reform.

You’re overrun with tax business.

And (yawn) you haven’t slept in weeks.

For tax attorneys, tax reform has turned a hectic time of year into utter chaos. Just as you’re guiding clients through their 2017 tax returns, those same clients are begging for advice about 2018. The question you’ve now heard a thousand times:

  • How do I best position myself in 2018 to take advantage of tax reform?

Sadly, your head won’t see your pillow anytime soon. Tax law attorneys are burning the midnight oil.

 Tax Reform: The Great Tax Law Flood

The sweeping tax law changes impact nearly everyone, from individuals and families to businesses large and small. Many of your business clients will rush to change their structure or operations. Individuals and families will pepper you with tax-deduction questions.

No matter which segment you serve, there’s:

  • A lot to learn to bring yourself up to speed. Congress passed the massive tax reform package quickly, without much advance guidance.
  • A good deal to convey to your clients. They’ll depend on you to help them decipher the reforms.
  • Much to undertake.  Your clients need expert help making critical decisions and implementing the changes.

STOP this workload from crushing you!

MASTER your workload instead!

Mastering Tax Reform (Don’t Let Reform Master You)

Remember, every tax professional is starting from roughly the same place. It’s all new for everyone. And, of course, it’s still complicated. As described by the Houston Chronicle:

Since there is little guidance from Congress, private accountants and attorneys will make their best guesses until the IRS starts writing regulations to eliminate what auditors will undoubtedly consider abuses of the new system ....

In addition to unraveling these complicated reforms, your general duties as an effective tax lawyer will remain the same. You’ll still need to advise clients about the tax implications of:

  • Business entity selection
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Purchasing or leasing real estate
  • Bankruptcy
  • Retirement plans

To meet your demands head on, wouldn’t it be helpful:

  • To know what the experts think?
  • To have expert insights into specific tax questions?
  • To have access to the latest tax law news and legal interpretations?

Lexis Advance® Tax gives tax attorneys the tools to meet today’s increased workload, to be secure in their tax reform knowledge, and to succeed as a tax professional.

Check out how Lexis Advance Tax can help you squeeze a little more time out of this crazy tax season:

  • Conduct end-to-end tax research from a single, time-saving interface, designed by practicing tax attorneys.
  • Tap into an exclusive collection of 1,400+ trusted tax and estate law resources.
  • Pay one fee—no surprises—for unlimited access.
  • Get your tax news in one place with Tax Analysts®.
  • Harness the research power of Lexis Advance®, including Shepard’s Citations® service.
  • Learn from industry-leading treatises from Matthew Bender and Practice Guides.
  • Jump to the Internal Revenue Service Codes and IRS rulings you need.
  • State statutes and regulations.

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