SCOTUS Case Could Eliminate Unified Bars
Posted on 02-11-2018 by Lextalk Staff

Labor Case Reaches Into The Legal Profession The Supreme Court is set to reconsider whether employees can be forced to pay fair share union dues. It is believed the Court will overturn the 1977 ruling in Abood v. Detroit Board of Education with broad... Read More

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Making the Right Choice Between Regional Center and Direct Investment
Posted on 02-11-2018 by Mshahlaw

A Discussion with David Hirson of David Hirson & Partners. EB-5 Investment Voice Mona Shah & Associates Global Podcast Series Reported by Hermione Krumm, Esq. EB-5 Investment Voice is the only Podcast series that focuses on and... Read More

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Tax Attorneys: Your Perfect Storm ... 2018 Tax Season!
Posted on 02-06-2018 by Kristin Casler

Tax attorneys: Master your workload before it masters you. It’s a great time to be a tax attorney. You’re popular because of tax reform. You’re overrun with tax business. And (yawn) you haven’t slept in weeks. ... Read More

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Streaming Services: New Legislation Could Change How Royalties Are Paid
Posted on 02-06-2018 by Lextalk Staff

Music Publishers, Songwriters and Streaming Services Agree With Proposed Change s Bipartisan legislation plus industry agreement usually signals a change on the horizon. This could be the case with the Music Modernization Act. Among other things, the... Read More

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