Oh No! Not the Avocados!

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Fire, ash, winds, and to some extent regulations are responsible for the subsequent disaster to avocado plants.


By: Heather Williams of Robins Cloud LLP

Guacamole, avocado toast, creamy green sauce!  There is no way around it.  The beloved avocado is a staple in the diet of many.  From the protein to the good fat, this wholesome fruit (yes, it’s actually a fruit) is about to get scarce, and most likely VERY expensive.  Though some say consumers may only notice a small jump in price, as the avocado markets in Mexico and South America make up more of the market share with respect to international supply chain than farms in California.  California is responsible for 80% of the avocado sold in the United States.  Pricing aside, who or what is to blame?  Wildfires have ravaged California, right in the heart of avocado orchards.

Fire, ash, winds, and to some extent regulations are responsible for the subsequent disaster to avocado plants.  Not to mention the delicateness and long maturity period of the plant increase the complications.  Wildfires are causing massive destruction, forever touching everything in its wake.

Fire, Ash, and Wind.  Oh My!

With many of California’s avocado orchards residing in Ventura County, this triple whammy has affected this delicious fruit from making its way to your table.


The destructive nature of the Thomas fire has devastated Ventura County’s avocado orchards.  Harvest time for California often runs from late March through September, so at this time the fruit is so small it isn’t ready for picking.  This leaves so many fruit and orchards vulnerable to this massive force.

At this time a significant amount of avocado groves has already been lost as the fire makes its way further south into San Diego County.  “The fires stayed up in the foothills and that’s where a lot of our avocado production occurs,” John Krist, CEO of the Farm Bureau of Ventura County, told CNBC in an interview Friday. “So there’s clearly damage or destruction of I’d say, conservatively, several hundred acres of avocado groves, and I’m sure that number will go up as we get better information about what’s going on further back in those canyons.”


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