This Is Why New Attorneys Fail At Marketing: 5 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2018

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Marketing misfires will ground your career trajectory. 


Good marketing is the key to being a successful lawyer. It’s why you’re constantly being told “Go network” and “Get out there and market yourself.” The pressure can cause new lawyers to throw something together quickly, something they don’t realize could be detrimental to their career. To help new attorneys avoid the pitfalls, here are the top mistakes they can avoid in 2018:

Ignoring Your Online Resume

Your online resume is what people find when they search for your name, everything from social media to online reviews to media coverage. Any of these can be the difference in potential clients choosing to hire you or your competition. Take control of as much of the information as possible to get a step up on your competition.

 Assuming Good Work is Enough & Not Thinking Long-Term

While doing good work is important, doing good work alone will not get you to the future you want. Force yourself to start thinking long-term shortly into the start of your first job.

Not Attending Meetings Involving the Firm’s Marketing and Client Development

Ask to take part in marketing meetings, both with marketing sales reps and the marketing portions of partner meetings. This will show initiative and will increase your value to the firm. You’ll have a chance to make good industry contacts and master your negotiation skills. If you ever want to open your own business, you’ll absolutely need these skills.

Networking with the Wrong People at the Wrong Places

Before even beginning to network, determine who your best audience is, how much time you will spend networking, and what expectations you realistically have. Always remember that pre-event planning and post-event follow up are almost as important, if not more so, as what happens during the event.

Talking Too Much “Law” to Prospects and Existing Clients

There’s very little training on how to handle a client meeting. While proving your knowledge is important, many of your clients and prospective clients won’t understand the law or legalese. So instead of “sounding” like a lawyer, try focusing on prioritizing your client’s peace of mind.

***Condensed from Matt Starosciak and Scott Schulten’s presentation on “Marketing Mistakes by New Attorney’s." The full presentation can be found here.

Matt Starosciak’s The Lawyer Marketing Book is a comprehensive resource on how to develop your law firm’s marketing, good for both the seasoned and new lawyer. Additional information can be found at

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