AI Is At Your Doorstep ... Why It's Critical That You Embrace It!

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Does artificial intelligence (AI) frighten you? It should.

Not because of what scaremongers say AI might do—eliminate jobs or pull an I, Robot uprising—but because of what very likely will happen to your legal practice without it—obsolescence.

AI is not a digital demon. It is a set of digital tools ... pretty cool tools! And they are improving the way attorneys work and serve their clients. As more and more lawyers take advantage of AI, horse-and-buggy practices simply won’t be able to compete.

Data Analysis: Leaping Beyond Discovery

The sheer volume of legal data—and its exponential growth—makes it imperative that you ride the AI rocket. You’re already trying to tackle this data in some fashion. AI lets you do it more effectively and efficiently. Work that typically takes you days, weeks or even months can be successfully completed in minutes.

Beyond saving time, AI technology helps attorneys:

  • Identify patterns and insights within data that humans struggle to expose on their own.
  • Find clients.
  • Decide which cases to take.
  • Conduct research.
  • Develop successful strategies.
  • Estimate resolution time and budgeting.
  • Predict outcomes.
  • Uncover favorable judges.
  • Predict what your opponent is likely to do.
  • Perform transactional tasks.

Plus, you base your decisions on real data, not on what the guy down the hall says. So you win more cases for your clients.

 Speaking of clients, if they aren’t already asking whether you use AI, they soon will demand it.

Will AI Take Over The World?

Despite the argument that the only thing to fear is obsolescence, fear of the unknown still thrives.

It’s true that AI’s capabilities are pretty big on the WOW! scale, and they are advancing every day. Will AI tools ultimately rise up and enslave their masters? That fiction is best left for the movies.

AI developments are so new and rapid that it is easy to distrust and fear them (and easy for others to prey on that fear). In fact, there are a lot of mistruths.

The reality is that AI gives attorneys more time to get better at and perform human-required tasks, such as speaking with clients and arguing in court.

The Government Will Handle It

Folks who distrust AI probably distrust the government’s oversight of AI. But Congress will do its best to monitor and harness the leaps-and-bounds of technical advances. In May, a bi-partisan AI Caucus was formed to explore how AI can help citizens. That’s the beauty of AI. Not only will it help attorneys, it can help everyone.

But maybe you’re still fretting that robots will replace lawyers. Don’t worry. Practicing law is highly nuanced. For now, and perhaps forever, AI-driven lawyerbots will not be nuanced enough to give trustworthy legal advice. Ask someone who’s spoken to an AI lawyer; they'll tell you that a bucket of bolts gives better advice than an AI lawyer. 


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About the Speaker

Dennis Garcia is an Assistant General Counsel for Microsoft Corporation based in Chicago. He provides a wide range of legal support to Microsoft’s Sales, Marketing and Operations teams across the United States. Prior to joining Microsoft, Dennis worked as an in-house counsel for Accenture and IBM.

Dennis received his B.A. in Political Science from Binghamton University and his J.D. from Columbia Law School. He is admitted to practice in New York, Connecticut and Illinois (House Counsel). Dennis is a Fellow of Information Privacy, a Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States and a Certified Information Privacy Technologist with the International Association of Privacy Professionals. He serves on the Board of Directors of Illinois Legal Aid Online and the Association of Corporate Counsel – Chicago Chapter.  Dennis also is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association’s Standing Committee on the Future of Legal Services.  Follow Dennis on Twitter @DennisCGarcia.   


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