Halloween Parties & Legal Horrors: Ward Off Legal Curses with This List of Office-Party Articles

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Halloween Office Parties Can Easily Turn Into Legal Horror Stories.


Stephen King’s It has put the scare in many moviegoers. But the story of a scary clown could’ve been even scarier if there’d been an office-party scene (trust me, there isn’t one).

From a legal standpoint, Halloween office parties can be very frightening. To guard against blood-curdling legal issues, here’s a legal list of holiday/office-party articles:

 Holiday Party Liability Prevention Checklist

This checklist provides best practices and considerations for private employers when hosting holiday parties for their employees. While there are benefits to holiday parties, such as employee camaraderie and improved morale, there is also a significant risk of inappropriate behavior.

How to avoid turning your costume party into an HR nightmare

A lot of people are into Halloween, and some are really into Halloween. It’s the holiday on which we spend more than any holiday other than Christmas. 

DUI & Holidays

People may have time off of work or school and more people will be out drinking and celebrating during holidays. There may be parties and family get-togethers where alcohol is consumed. In addition, many people who do not drink regularly may have too many drinks during the holidays and are subsequently pulled over while driving home.

Why More DUI Checkpoints on Holiday Weekends?

While the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution has been interpreted to require that an officer cannot pull over a vehicle without reasonable or probable cause that the driver is violating the law, these DUI enforcement checkpoints are an exception to this rule.

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