Supreme Court Is Back! It's a New Term for Your Favorite High Court. 7 Articles/Insights to Put You in the SCOTUS Mood

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Supreme Court building

Supreme Court term, by statute, begins on the first Monday in October. 


Supreme Court ... justices ... welcome back! We missed ya! To herald the start of the new term, here's 7 articles/insights to get your Supreme Court motor running. 

You’re pro-life/pro-choice, but you’ve never read Roe v. Wade? Really?

Roe v. Wade isn’t just about abortion rights. It’s also about a doctor’s right to perform abortions.

Judge Posner Slams Courts' Use Of 'Stale, Opaque' Jargon

The judge wrote that he did not criticize his colleagues, calling the jargon “common, orthodox, even canonical” but also breaking down several passages describing the applicable case law as “ripe for re-examination.”

 Over 50 Years of Miranda [infographic]

This landmark Supreme Court case ruled that detained criminal suspects, prior to police questioning, must be informed of their constitutional right to an attorney and against self-incrimination.

The 10 Law Firms Influencing The Supreme Court's Writing

The 10 law firms that file the largest number of briefs before the U.S. Supreme Court are more likely than firms that file fewer briefs to influence the final language used in high court opinions, according to a new study.

Your attack on the late Justice Scalia … True or not, you wither if you’ve never read a Scalia opinion

If your tactic is to criticize Scalia’s thinking, there’s an unfairness in having never read his opinions.

Art of the analogy: 4-minute lesson featuring baseball & the late Justice Scalia

The power of analogies lies in comparing two things for the purpose of persuasion. Part of this power erupts from the triggering of emotions, which affects decision making.

Black hole “chirp” has science bragging. Here are 6 SCOTUS opinions that did more than just "chirp"

Supreme Court opinions that, after a collision of arguments and ideologies, have rippled  (and continue to ripple)  through the fabric of space and time.

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