Lawyer-Moms & Lawyer-Dads: Stay Sane When Your Kids Head Back To School

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Work-life balance isn't just a buzzword. It's your back-to-school antidote. 


Parent-lawyer: It’s a demanding job.

And with back-to-school at your doorstep, it just got super demanding. You’ll now find yourself at the bus stop, managing a Spider-Man backpack in one hand, a motion for summary judgment in the other.  

Your routine’s about to get squeezed.

But you can maintain your sanity by cultivating balance.

Super-Parents Are Super-Balancers

Whether this is your inaugural back-to-school “season,” your last, or somewhere in between, finding balance can be a challenge. You likely know that establishing routines and doing serious advance prep work are keys to managing the grind. Working Moms Against Guilt offers 10 back-to-school tips and tricks for the good-enough mom that target imperatives such as:

  • when and where to buy school supplies,
  • getting the kids involved in scheduling,
  • cranking out the advance work, and
  • learning to say no.

While any success you achieve in keeping so many balls in the air deserves some well-deserved back-patting, there’s more to work-life balance than just getting the job(s) done. There’s a deeper level you should try to reach to grow the strongest family that you can.

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In an Entrepreneur post, Donna Morris, an executive vice president at Adobe, shares 5 back-to-school secrets of a busy working parent that hit on some fantastic ideas, such as regular date nights with your kid.

Your Kids = Your Balance Consultants

As you focus on how you can cope with the schedule demands, don’t forget about the kids. Involve them in the process and remember that they might be anxious about a change in routine, whether they’ll connect with friends or how that bus ride to and from school could go wrong. Try not to let your stress feed theirs. And remember to cherish (almost) every crazy minute.

Mompetition: To Heck With It!  

This mompetition term was new for me. As a mom, I’ve surely encountered (and maybe unwittingly participated in) such one-upsmanship. But I never realized how big it is for the back-to-school scene. Does it really matter if your kids have frosting-dipped graham crackers in the shape of a pencil in their first-day lunch? Are you even aware that blogs of this ilk exist? Either way, you probably already know that the extra pressure can’t be good for you.

Don’t add to an already stressful time of year by trying to be the only parent to plan a month’s worth of bento box lunches or buy every item on the school supply list. Debra Shigley, author of "The Go-Getter Girl's Guide” and Stacy Kaiser, author of "How to Be a Grown-Up," offer some suggestions for beating the mompetition (without driving yourself nuts), including how to diffuse a competitive situation and why you should give yourself a break.

It is ok to not be the perfect, bestest parent ever. It’s also ok not to feel guilty about it.

Now, if you’re one of the folks who for some reason is EXCITED about the kids going back to school, congratulations! Just don’t forget that those big yellow buses carrying your children away are going to play havoc with your law-firm commute. 

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