Law Firm Diversity: A Law360® Snapshot of 2017

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Diversity in the law: The legal industry has again failed to make progress on hiring and promoting minority attorneys.


The 2017 Law360® Diversity Snapshot shows that law firms have stagnated in their drive to diversify their attorney workforce. At every level of a typical law firm, minority attorney representation grew by less than a percentage point from last year’s survey

 American Bar Association statistics show that minorities have made up more than 20 percent of law students for almost two decades — and that they recently surpassed 30 percent. But only 15 percent of attorneys and less than 9 percent of partners at surveyed law firms identify as an attorney of color.

Diversity in the Law Reports

The Best Firms For Minority Attorneys
After years of diversity initiatives, the legal industry is still coming up short, but some law firms have made notable progress. Here, Law360 ranks the U.S. firms that are leaders in turning diversity goals into workforce realities

The Top Firms For Minority Equity Partners
The racial makeup of BigLaw’s equity partnership has barely budged in recent years, but some law firms are making notable strides on diversity at the top. Here are the firms with the most racially diverse equity tiers, according to Law360’s Diversity Snapshot


Racial Diversity Stagnating At US Law Firms
The legal industry has again failed to make progress on hiring and promoting minority attorneys, according to Law360’s annual headcount survey, despite more minorities graduating from law school than ever before.


How 5 Firms Are Building More Diverse Ranks
Some are investing in recruitment and retention initiatives aimed at minority attorneys, while others find their hiring efforts naturally bring in diverse attorneys. Here’s a look inside a few of the firms that added 20 or more minority attorneys in 2016.


GCs Find New Urgency In Longtime Push For Diversity
In-house attorneys are intensifying long-standing efforts to diversify their outside counsel, and they’re looking to create a critical mass of law department leaders that will bring about meaningful change

Why Midsize Firms Run The Gamut On Diversity
Midsize firms on average are the least racially and ethnically diverse, but the level of diversity also varies widely among firms in this group, according to the latest Diversity Snapshot. Here’s a look at how a few of these firms are faring.


Minority-Owned Firms Give BigLaw Run For Its Money
Minority-owned firms not only provide a more welcoming environment for ex-BigLaw attorneys unhappy with the lack of diversity at large law firms but also give their attorneys opportunities to attract clients frustrated with the legal industry's race problem, experts and lawyers say. 


Diversity In The Legal Profession — A Stubborn Vision
At the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, we want to see, as founding member and Microsoft chief legal officer Brad Smith once stated, “a legal profession as diverse as the nation we serve.” We are not there yet — far from it — but we are beginning to put some numbers on the board, says Robert Grey, president of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity.

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