Law School Students: That Secret Stash of Info You’ve All Been Searching For ... Here It Is

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Law school: It’s another new year for law students ... from 1Ls to 3Ls. Here’s a stockpile of info to help you start the school year right.


Torts, the Socratic Method, syllogistic reasoning, case briefings, stare decisis, hornbooks and nutshells ... Whew! There’s a lot that goes into law school (and this is just the tip of the iceberg). Whether you’re just starting law school or nearing the end, these articles and insights will help you with your law school journey.

Law School Pyramid of Success: If Coach Wooden Had Been a Lawyer ....    

Ten NCAA Championships in 12 years (including seven in a row) ... these are the success numbers of basketball coaching great, John Wooden.

Summer associates identify writing and legal research skills required on the job

Greater emphasis is being placed on practical skills in legal education as schools acknowledge that it is crucial for law students to develop strong research and writing skills to succeed in practice.

 Legal Research: Knowing When to Stop

Beginning researchers often ask, "How do I know when I'm done?" This is a legitimate question because legal research can send you down many rabbit holes with seemingly endless resources to sort through.

Making the Most of Your First Year in Law School

As a first-year law student, you’ll face a gauntlet of challenges: Con Law, case briefings, the Socratic method, to name a few. To conquer these challenges, you’ll need some words of wisdom. 

Law school wisdom: 10 chapters from 10 diverse books

60 minutes of pleasure reading. For law school students, it’s a waste. During law school, I never wasted 60 minutes on pleasure reading. If a book didn’t have “Casebook” or “Bluebook” or “Law” in the title, then forget it.

3 Skills You Need To Have Before Finishing Your First Year

It’s very hard to recover from getting off on the wrong foot, Kenneth E. Young, principal of national legal search and consulting firm Young Mayden LLC, told Law360. That's why associates must develop a reputation for doing quality work without missing deadlines, he said.

5 Things Student Renters Should Know Before Signing an Apartment Lease (plus 2 bonus things that apartment managers won’t tell you)

Students spend weeks when they are searching for the right apartment. The criteria that run in the students minds are unique to their stage of life.

March Madness: Which Law Schools Would You Consider To Be “Cinderella” Schools?

The NCAA Basketball Tournament is well known for its’ “Cinderella” teams, or teams that are capable of achieving far greater success than what would be expected.

Law students: Guard well against your “sore loser” moment

As law students, you understand that the quote “You show me a good loser and I'm going to show you a loser” is empowered by syllogistic reasoning:

10 Tips To Be A Successful International Law Student

Leaving your friends, family, and country to pursue your education is not an easy decision. Starting student life in a new country can be quite overwhelming as there are a lot of challenges that you need to face.

Law students: A winning lesson from Alabama’s uber-coach Nick Saban

“Defense wins championships!” It’s an old football adage, but one that can’t be proven.

 A New Genre of Legal Writing: Why Law Schools Should Be Teaching Twitter

Writing for online audiences on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook is a skill that can offer lawyers a distinct career advantage, and law schools should consider making it a core competency of legal education, according to a recent academic paper.

10 Famous Law School Dropouts

For those of you are already stressed about beginning law school next year – here is some motivational information you may not know.

Law students: Your critics are small-minded

Law students … you’re impressive, but you’re getting bullied. It’s guilt by association. As the law gets bloodied, the pundits, with a subtle “ha-ha”, punch away at you too.

Law Grads: Being the Best Lawyer Money “Cannot” Buy. 8 Tips from the Pro's

Whether you graduate at the top of your class or the bottom, everyone has the potential to be a GREAT attorney.

Summer Associates & Legal Interns: Take a few notes on these Top 10 Do's (and a couple of "Don'ts")

We are quickly approaching the time of year when many firms and organizations take on Summer Associates or Summer Interns. After posing a question to seasoned, legal practitioners – What Advice Do You Have for Summer Associates – here is some advice to those taking on a summer law position.

The unaccounted factor: Law school proximity is important for potential partners

Before we chose which college to attend, I bet one thing we took into consideration is which school was the best at the degree I would be working to earn. Sounds like a smart idea, right?

Writing an intro to your legal brief: 5 Tips

For 1Ls who are attempting to write their open memo or legal brief, these 5 tips may help when writing an intro, courtesy of JDSupra. Check out these 5 tips to writing an introduction to a legal brief.

Oh great and mighty STEM, can you make a bit of room for the law, a/k/a CLEWS?

I’m not advocating an education system hell bent on a generation of lawyers. In asking STEM to quit hogging the bed, I’m merely advocating smarter citizens, better government, and a more legally-informed America.






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