Law School Warning: Don't Get Left Behind When It Comes To ....
Posted on 08-15-2017 by Erin Stonecipher

66% of litigation attorneys point to writing as an essential skill. The writing is on the wall: To be a great lawyer ... ... you need to be a great writer too. Law School Teaches You Everything You Need To Know To Be Great Lawyer, Right... Read More

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MLB & Fan Dangers: Is Protective Netting the Answer?
Posted on 08-15-2017 by Sam Mullan

Baseball and foulballs: Do the dangers mandate a transformation of America's game? Violence in sports has never been more controversial than it is today. The difficult note on that debate often falls into whether or not the sport is inherently... Read More

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Women's Equality Day is Aug. 26th: In Honor, We’ve Put Together a List of Resources for Female Legal Professionals
Posted on 08-14-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Gender equality continues to be a struggle in the legal profession. Women's Equality Day is celebrated every year on August 26th. According to the National Women’s History Project: Rep. Bella Abzug (D-NY), in 1971 the U.S. Congress... Read More

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NFL & Marijuana: Could Legal Pot Destroy Fair Play?
Posted on 08-11-2017 by Sam Mullan

Marijuana in the NFL: How a rule change could create an unfair advantage Twenty-six substance abuse suspensions covering a total of 145 games. That’s what the NFL looks like in just 2017 (so far). The NFL’s substance abuse policy has... Read More

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Law School Students: That Secret Stash of Info You’ve All Been Searching For ... Here It Is
Posted on 08-10-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Law school: It’s another new year for law students ... from 1Ls to 3Ls. Here’s a stockpile of info to help you start the school year right. Torts, the Socratic Method, syllogistic reasoning, case briefings, stare decisis, hornbooks and... Read More

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Marijuana: Big Money + Big Law (it's not if, but when)
Posted on 08-09-2017 by Erin Stonecipher

Marijuana today is an echo of yesterday's Prohibition. And like the beer companies of old, marijuana is poised for a Budweiser-sized explosion. During Prohibition, the money-making mindset never ceased. Some “entrepreneurs” produced... Read More

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Ponzi Scheme Roundup: July 2017
Posted on 08-08-2017 by

By Kathy Bazoian Phelps PONZI SCHEME ROUNDUP: July 2017 Below is a summary of the activity reported for July 2017. The reported stories reflect at least 10 new Ponzi schemes worldwide: over 58 years of newly imposed sentences for people involved... Read More

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