Aug. 2, 1776: The Significance? Congress Signed the Declaration of Independence. Readings to Celebrate August 2nd

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Declaration of Independence signatures

The Declaration of Independence gets a lot of love on the 4th of July. But almost as important as the 4th: the 2nd of August.


On August 2nd, 1776, Congress signed the Declaration of Independence. There were 56 congressional delegates who signed. Eight days later (August 10th), London learned that independence had been declared.

In celebration of the oft-overlooked August 2nd, here’s a list of articles to help celebrate the Declaration’s signing day.

Graphic Language Of Today's Politics: It’s Sooooo Thomas Jefferson

Some say Donald Trump has broken the political mold. This owes much to Trump’s language. Trump’s language, some of it offensive, isn’t always politically savvy or politically correct. This seems unorthodox; to some, un-American.

Unleash Your Inner Founding Father: 3 Success Tactics Forged By Hamilton, Adams & Jefferson

We’re prone to imagine our Founding Fathers as genteel, upright figures. Paintings, viewed through the lens of history, seem to depict them as saints.* But beyond these careful brushstrokes, our Founding Fathers, in modern-speak, were a bunch of bad asses. Their triumphs had nothing to do with refinement and grace. Instead, sharp skills and shrewd strategies, different for each, delivered their immortal successes.

 Prove You’re A Liberty Whiz By Reading These 7 Little-Known American Documents

The Declaration of Independence. The Constitution. The Bill of Rights. Uh ... the Articles of something .... Uh ... the Federalist thing-a-ma-bobs ....

Are You A Thomas Jefferson Connoisseur? A Jefferson Quiz

What better way to celebrate than a quiz? You think you are a Jefferson connoisseur? Think you know him like the back of your hand? Take a crack at these Jefferson-related questions and see how you do. Good Luck!

The Original “X-Patents”

During the spring of 1790, the U.S. government passed the first patent law. It got off to a slow start with only 3 patents granted that year. Things eventually heated up, though, and by 1836, the total had climbed to almost 10,000. With documents piling high, the government decided to protect all the paperwork in a new, fire-resistant building. Construction began, and they placed the files in temporary storage.

Your Presidential Leadership Style: Are You Washington, Lincoln, FDR or Jefferson?

As kids we let our imaginations run wild. Remember when you dreamt of being a police officer or firefighter, or maybe even being the next Superman or Wonder Woman? One profession we have pondered at some point of our lives is being the President of the United States.






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