Legal Heroes—Where “Super” and “Lawyers” Collide: Articles and Insights on Super Heroes and Super Lawyers

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 super heroes

Super lawyers and super heroes: They’re faster than a speeding bullet. ... More powerful than a locomotive. ... Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!


“Super” deserves its place as a legal adjective. From super lawyers to super-hero legal battles, the legal world can be “super-centric.”  In honor of all things “super” in the law, here’s a list of super hero/super lawyer articles and insights. 

Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” is fairly civil when you compare superhero legal wars 

Not a "Hulk SMASH!” battle, but civil litigation, where superheroes aren’t afraid to throw punches.

How a blind attorney overcame the odds

Whenever we find ourselves in a tough situation, the positive advice is to find the silver lining. No need to tell this to attorney Douglas Fowler. He lives out his ‘silver lining’ every day because Douglas has been legally blind since birth.

PR Superpowers: Speed, Diligence, Humanity

With a whole new year stretching out in front of you, it's time to take stock of what trends and changes your department or company is going to face in the months ahead.

“If I throw in the towel, a client dies.” What are you doing to change the world?

Diana Holt helped a wrongfully convicted man walk free after being spending 30 years on death row imprisoned in South Carolina. And, Edward Lee Elmore would continue to be on death row if not for Diana Holt.

 Superhero lawyers: Have they all gone back to Krypton?

Superman’s greatness as an icon is set in stone. For other comic book heroes – I’m looking at you Plastic Man / Ant Man – greatness is iffy. 

Making An Impact, Flying to the Moon - Advancing the Rule of Law

Our customers come up to me and tell me “LexisNexis is doing great work. Keep it up.” — They tell me that we inspire them. We aren’t just mere vendors but we want to change the world for the better, and so do they. They feel good and we feel good. They tell me they want to hire our student ambassadors. They recommend their friends to work for us. We matter.

Fight the Lawyer Stereotype

What are the first words that come to mind when I say “lawyer”? Many people probably will not say fun or outgoing or nice or caring. Why? Unfortunately, the society we live in today has ingrained this false idea of what lawyers are . In an article by AttorneyAtWork, Ruth Carter, urges the profession to do damage control on its image.

Spider-Man & the Kool-Aid Man™ Teach You 2 Lessons on Legal Blogging

Thirty years ago, the “Kool-Aid Man™ Video Game” (with its cutting edge graphics (“Ohh Yeah!!”)) could've been mine for “FREE!” ... well, sort of (125 Kool Aid© Proof-of-Purchase Points or 30 Kool Aid© Proof-of-Purchase Points and $10.00).

Helping the homeless inspires lawyer to launch New Jersey advocacy group

Inspired by his father’s experience in the Great Depression, Mr. Wild’s first encounter with homelessness came during his first year as a lawyer at Paul, Weiss, when he worked on the litigation that ultimately created the right to shelter in New York.

The Anti-Terror Attorney: A Story of Survival Against Tyranny

It’s sometimes hard to imagine how much better the world is now compared to before, especially after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. While the military protects us, there are those who look for justice through other avenues. Andrew Hall is one of those people who seek justice for terrorist acts against Americans, but instead of fighting overseas he fights in a courtroom as an Anti-Terrorist Attorney.

4 Creative Business Insights from Small Law Super Lawyers

Every business is unique and often that uniqueness is tied to climate or culture.  In our view, law firms – the business of law – aren’t exempt.






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