Law School Grads: Our Graduation Gift to You – 17 Insights for the Newly Minted Lawyer

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college graduation

You’ve graduated from law school. Now pause, take a breath and learn a little about the next chapter of your life.

Congratulations law school graduates. We’re proud of you. Three years of law school is no small feat.

Our apologies - We couldn’t attend everyone’s graduation.

And sorry, but we couldn’t buy everyone a pair of novelty law socks.  

However, for all the law school graduates out there, we offer this list of learning. Here’s 17 articles and insights that’ll launch you from law school graduate to new lawyer.

Law grads: 10 chapters from 10 books you should’ve read in law school

During law school, I never wasted 60 minutes on pleasure reading. If a book didn’t have “Casebook” or “Bluebook” or “Law” in the title, then forget it.

Graduation speeches: If you’re a newly degreed lawyer, here’s 1 speech worth remembering ... and applying

You’re a couple months out of law school, and you’ve already forgotten the speech given at your graduation. It’s expected and forgivable.

From The Partner's Desk: Tips For Recent Law Grads

One of the most prevalent complaints by associates and recent law school graduates is the lack of meaningful mentoring by more seasoned attorneys.

Preparing for the Bar Exam: What Works?

Nearly 40,000 students across the country just breathed a sigh of relief after successfully completing three years of law school and receiving their Juris Doctorate degrees.

Just Starting Out in Your Legal Career? 12 Things to Avoid [Infographic]

Being new is never easy, and starting a professional career can be a daunting experience for even the most confident law school graduates.

Top 5 Mistakes Young Associates Should Avoid

When young attorneys join a new firm fresh out of law school, they’re eager to start putting their hard-earned legal knowledge to use, but the realities of legal work can make them prone to early mistakes that could put their careers in jeopardy, attorneys say.

The New Associate's Survival Guide

Starting a professional career can be a daunting experience for even the most confident law school graduates.

5 Items To Have On Your Checklist That You Need To Land A Job Post-Law School

Have you ever created a checklist of items you want to have packed before you go on a trip? I

The Post-School Blues? 5 Tips To Help You Find A Job After Law School

Going to law school is one thing; landing your first job post-law school is another. If you are finding yourself having trouble finding a job post-school sit tight.

Dear Younger Professional Self... Tackling the transition from student to “young professional.”

As a recent college graduate I can remember the excitement I had as I walked down the aisle to receive my diploma.

Law Students - Your 5 Keys To Career Success [Infographic]

Whether you graduate at the top of your class or the bottom, everyone has the potential to be a GREAT attorney.

Law school grads: What your job rivals don’t want you to know

As a recent law grad, you’re steadfast in winning your first legal job. So how do you boost your chances of getting hired?

Law Grads: Being the best lawyer money “cannot” buy. 8 tips from the pro's

Whether you graduate at the top of your class or the bottom, everyone has the potential to be a GREAT attorney.

The unaccounted factor: Law school proximity is important for potential partners

Before we chose which college to attend, I bet one thing we took into consideration is which school was the best at the degree I would be working to earn. Sounds like a smart idea, right?

Law grads: A very real career lesson from Taco Bell’s new “quesalupa”

Taco Bell’s newest, top-secret innovation -  a taco with cheese in the shell, called the “quesalupa”.  The quesalupa might be lunch before torts or a torturous stomach ache. It’s a cheesy gut check, but it’s also something else. For law students, it’s a career lesson on expertise. 

If you’re a debt-loaded law grad, here's 5 let's-get-real tips from a frugal, old lawyer

During college, I had a fraternity brother, Tommy, who one day pulled up in a shiny new, white/black-topped Jeep. The thing was spotless, gleaming and beautiful. No comparing it to my beat-up, old ’88 Nissan Altima.

20 Professionalism Tips for Millennial Attorneys

We are all capable of learning new things and we all should be open to learning new things too. I mean knowledge is power, right? (At least that’s what ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’ taught me). So listen up millennials in the legal profession, these tips from 2civility are for you.

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