Your Mom’s a Lawyer? Here’s an Easy Mother’s Day Gift – Our List of Insights & Articles on Mothers/Women & the Law

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mother with children

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  But don’t send her flowers. Don’t send her candy. Send your mom-lawyer something she’ll really love ... the gift of legal knowledge.


Here’s 11 articles every motherly litigator will love.

Two Moms Make Running a Successful Virtual Law Firm a Reality

Solo attorney Larissa Zubac and her colleague, paralegal, Tanna Meyers, are not unlike many working legal professionals—they are also working mothers.

5 Tips for Women to Succeed in the Legal Tech Workforce

It’s well known that the legal industry has struggled with diversity challenges with respect to both gender and race. Against this backdrop, it’s more important than ever for women in the legal technology workforce to learn from each other about what it takes to build a successful career in the industry.

10 Great Resources for Female Lawyers

Pointing female lawyers to great information. A first nudge towards equality.

If you're a working mom and you're "leaning in," why not let your husband "lean out" and stay at home with the kids

Working doesn't make a mom any less of a mom. So why does "not working" make a dad less competent as a dad?

Survey Shows Top Firms For Women Lawyers

More major U.S. firms counted multiple women among their leading moneymakers.

A Mother's Path to the Law Firm Peak: 8 Strategies

Things are getting better for women at many law firms, but there’s more work to be done to bring them to the top business development ranks, even at our 50 best firms.

Tips on balancing family and work needs while working from home during summer

Summer break just brings a different balancing act for those who work remotely.

How to Achieve the Elusive Work-Life Balance As a Businesswoman

Work life balance is important; it is key to a healthy life. Too much work and you might feel burnt out. Too little work and you lose sight of structure or personal goals.

Why do we question the parenting of lawyers, but never the parenting of astronauts or senators?

Changes need to be made from the simplest levels of individual attitudes to the most complicated structural issues inherent within the legal industry itself.

Female Lawyers: What Happened to Your Big Dreams?

In my process of working with new clients, I always ask them to describe the big dream they have for their life.

Parenting vs. Your Legal Career: 5 Strategies for Balance

Finding the balance between work and parenting is a fine line, but one that all parents must walk.

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