Earth, Wind, Water ... Law: Celebrate Earth Day and the Law’s Environmental Role with These Articles

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Earth Day's here, and it's time to celebrate. Because of the law’s importance in sustaining the Earth, we also think it’s appropriate to celebrate Earth (Law) Day.


Earth Day’s 2017 campaign is environmental & climate literacy. Any discussion on environmental & climate literacy should involve the law’s role in shaping the environment around us.  To celebrate Earth Day and the law's environmental role, we’ve compiled a list of articles that highlight the intersection between our Earth and our laws.

How a childhood summer vacation sparked a lawyer’s dedicated passion for the environment

New York City Council Legislative Attorney Cullen Howe let his interests guide him in his career practicing environmental law. While growing up, Cullen and his family took summer vacations to National Parks, igniting his passion for this subject.

Do same-sex marriage & climate change have something in common?

Let’s play a game of “Which is not like the other?” Here are your three things:

4 lbs. = amount of trash generated per person, per day in U.S. Earth Day facts to help reduce your waste.

200 million tons of trash or the amount of waste generated by the United States every day, equating to 4.3 pounds per person. For most Americans, Earth Day is the one day a year where the majority of people become conscious of their waste-producing ways. On this day, we are reminded of numerous ways we can help clean up are planet and the global importance of our societal waste impact.

Brown Vows CA Will Fight Trump on Climate Goals

Brown invoked his most enduring moniker – “Gov. Moonbeam” – to mark his commitment to continue using satellites for gathering climate data even if a new administration stops doing so, noting that he earned the nickname by suggesting in 1978 that California launch its own satellite to gather climate data.

Changing Economics of Recycling Could Soon Impact States

For years recycling programs have allowed cities, counties and states to improve the environment while saving money on landfill fees and even making money from the sale of recycled materials to processors.

Sustainability and the CFO

The need for CFOs to get actively involved in creating sustainable strategies is greater than ever before.


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