Low-Cost Legal Research = Legal Uncertainty (Because They Don’t Have Shepard's®)

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Differences that Deliver

A successful legal search depends on a powerful law search engine ... and Shepard's® Citations


If your legal research provider highlights itself as “free or cheap,” you’re probably not getting the power or the research features you need. More likely, you’re getting legal search results that are both limited and incomplete.

With cheap legal research, you get what you pay for.

Your Case Law Search Engine: Are You Confident in Your Research?

To be powerful, your legal research provider must provide you with a comprehensive legal search. And for your legal search to be comprehensive, your case law results must be complete and infallible.

By default, lawyers often lump case law into the broader “legal research.” Doing this can muddy the importance of case law and its research requirements. Better to think of your legal research provider as both a law search engine (statutes, ordinances, regulations, etc.) and a case law search engine. 

Case Law Search Engine: Shepard's® Power vs. Puttering Results

If you use a low-cost legal resource, you’re limiting yourself to the little engine that couldn’t. You’ll suffer gaps in your case law; your legal search will lack confidence.

LexisNexis® Shepard's® Citations Service gives you unparalleled confidence in your case law. With  Shepard's, you get the ultimate case law search engine. Shepard’s quality is unrivaled, and its comprehensive results return more cites and helps you separate good precedent from bad precedent.

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Shepards quality

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