Laughter & the Law: Articles & Insights for the Prankish Lawyer (No Foolin’)

Posted on 03-20-2017 by
Tags: April Fools , joke , prank , humor , funny

The stuffy lawyer label ... it's an inaccurate stereotype. Like everyone else, lawyers love to cut loose. They love jokes and pranks ... you know, "unstuffy" stuff.

Law and laughter can be easily linked (and they're good for alliteration too). For all you legal pranksters and courtroom jesters, here’s a list of articles & insights that do legal in a funny way.

5 (+1) Funny Lawyer Stories from “the Onion”

Comedy is important, especially to ideas. Why? One reason: comedy helps shape good ideas and blunt bad ideas.

5 Timeless April Fools’ Jokes for the Legal Community

No rodents, bloggers or numbers – and we certainly hope no feelings – were harmed in creating this compilation.

Comedy & Free Speech: Do the Offended Have Rights?

But when comedians cry “We have the right to offend” (and they very well do), they can’t turn a blind eye to a listener’s equal right to be offended.

3 Classic April Fools’ Pranks for Lawyers

A roundup of some classic April Fool’s Day pranks the legal community has seen in previous years.

Top 5 April Fools’ Day Verdicts

The editors of the Jury Verdicts and Settlements team came up with the following list of the Top 5 cases in our collection arising from April Fools’ Day hoaxes and other pranks.

Happy April Fools' Day: Epic pranks to inspire your mischief

We all have done it before. We all have pulled pranks and usually nobody is safe, especially today. April Fools’ Day is the one day out of 364 where it is tolerable to be pranked.

Butt of Jokes … Lawyers?

Lawyers: They’re at the heart (or butt) of so many jokes. Need proof? Googling “lawyer jokes” returns about 755K results in .32 seconds.

Five of the Most Ridiculous DWI/DUI Charges Ever

Five of the most ridiculous DWI/DUI charges, and the motorized vehicles involved may shock you.

Sharing Your Favorite Lawyer Joke

Attorneys often find themselves at the center of jokes, and we asked you to share your favorite lawyer joke.

Multiplying Your Firm's Clientele Using the “Seinfeld” Method

The legendary comic Jerry Seinfeld was approached by a young and aspiring comedian. The young comic asked what was the No. 1 thing that contributed to Seinfield’s stratospheric success.

Are Stand-Up Comedians Better at Knowledge Management Than Average Attorneys?

Organization- a skill some of us obtain and others may lack. When you think of careers where their workers maintain some level of organization, what do you think of? You have librarians, secretaries and teachers. One career you may not be aware of is comedians.

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