Law Grads: Keep Happiness Close… and Your Big Dreams Closer

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What’re you thinking about, newly graduated law students?  Acing that bar exam?  Landing a job (hopefully) soon?  Paying off your school debts?

But… what about your dreams for the future beyond?  No, not the ones stated above, or your goal to become a full-fledged lawyer.  I mean the ones that culminate in your personal happiness.  Think about it – what big dreams will you have once you’ve reached lawyer status?  Where will you go or what will you want to do from there?  Remaining in a static, unchanging state creates more unfulfillment and emptiness than you realize now.

Take it from Lakeshia Ekeigwe, who authored, Female Lawyers: What Happened to Your Big Dreams?  Regardless of your gender, her successful article applies to lawyers at all stages of life.  For graduates, her message remains clear: don’t lose sight of your big dreams!

Lakeshia routinely coaches established, overworked, lost lawyers on how to uncover their buried dreams.  She knows a thing or two.  As law graduates, there are a few things you can take away from her article to help you keep your dreams in sight for the road ahead:

  • Think about your long-term dreams regularly.  Fantasizing about them is one of the best ways to keep you looking forward to the long future ahead.  When you have free time, imagine what it would be like to reach your big dream.  Make plans for it, and keep realistically adding to it.  Once you become a lawyer, you may need your own “light at the end of the tunnel”. 
  • Evaluate your happiness once in a while.  Lakeshia recalls one of her clients, a 33-year-old lawyer from Los Angeles, who was brought to tears from the lack of a personal big dream.  If you’re too focused on succeeding as a lawyer, your narrow vision blacks out any other big dreams for happiness.  Get in the habit now of evaluating your happiness so your vision for the future remains broad and unclouded.
  • Whatever happens, you’re not trapped.  Stress from bar exam studies, finding a job, paying off your debt, etc. puts theoretical weights and stress on you.  For many, that’s just the beginning.  Keep in mind, no matter what lawyerly hardships you face in life, having a big dream – your light at the end of the tunnel – can help quell any stresses.  If you work toward it, life will get better.
  • Don’t become numb.  The myriad of stresses – attaining lawyer status, and then life as a practicing  lawyer – can get painful.  Don’t become numb to the pain.  Always seek positive ways to alleviate yourself of it, including not losing sight of your big dream. 

As Lakeshia advises, don’t lose sight of your big dreams.  In fact, keep them as close to you as your heart.  In time, you’ll realize how important they are to your personal well-being and happiness.  

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