St. Patrick’s Day Drinking: Avoid the Legal Repercussions

Posted on 03-02-2017 by
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The day of shamrocks and green beer will be here soon!  If you’re planning on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, lawyers, don’t test your “luck o’ the Irish” too much!  There are plenty of detrimental ways to get yourself in legal trouble!

If You’re Drinking, Avoid the Legal Advice

Giving helpful legal advice is all fine, unless you don’t realize what you’re saying.  When you’re drunk, you’re not entirely you.  Do yourself a favor and leave the “lawyer you” behind too.  If you don’t, before you know it… your good intentions of advice-giving may backfire for a few reasons:

  1. You may try to give advice or recommendations outside your expertise… or you may not explain everything fully.
  2. The person you’re talking to may detrimentally act on your advice.
  3. An accidental client is a malpractice lawsuit waiting to happen.

Lawyers, don’t end your St. Patty’s Day with a client you don’t want.  Keep the headaches to the hangovers.  To avoid both completely, simply avoid the drinks.  But if you’re going to drink and you’re worried about giving drunk advice, read Mixing Cocktails with Legal Advice for solutions that are simple and realistic.

If You’re Drinking, Please Don’t Drive

If you're planning on having a few green ones, don't drive.  The second you drink your first, you've compromised yourself; cops will be out in droves on the nights surrounding and including the 17th... many cities will have checkpoints where you could be pulled over at random.  Don't make yourself a risk, or put others at risk, for that matter.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a shamrock, everyone’s heard the responsible options for getting home safely if you go out.  But another idea to consider, and just as much fun (if not more): 

Have your own green and gold celebration at your place.  Make your own drinks, drink till contentment, crash on your couch.  Invite your guests to crash there too.  Then pat yourself on the back for creating a safe haven for everybody.

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