Parenting vs. Your Legal Career: 5 Strategies for Balance

Posted on 03-01-2017 by
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It’s almost that time of year again.

The kids’ activities are ramping up just as school is winding down.

What does that mean for you?

It means juggling soccer practice, swim lessons and teacher conferences.

It means rushing through the drive-thru to grab dinner in a paper bag.

It means helping with math when you can’t remember fractions.  

But what about all the work you have to get done…TODAY?

Tips on How To Balance Parenting and Lawyering

Finding the balance between work and parenting is a fine line, but one that all parents must walk.

When parenting and work collide, here are some things to think about:

1. Make a daily list of your 6 most important work tasks…and stick to it. As soon as you get to the office, make a list of tasks you need to get done in order of importance then work your way down the list. Once it’s quitting time, leave the list at the office.

2. Take a quick 5 minute break if you find yourself getting off task at work. Take a short walk. Close your eyes and focus on deep breathing. Stand up and stretch a little at your desk. Giving your brain a small break will help you return to your work even more focused so you can work more efficiently to get more done.

3. Commit to leaving work at the office once you leave. If you MUST work at home, commit to setting aside time to forget about it and spend time with the family. Don’t think about or touch your work at least until the kids have gone to bed.

4. Stick to a routine. Everyone in the family flourishes when there’s a routine in place (especially children). If family members know what to expect when you’re home, then they’re reassured that no matter what, you’ll make the effort to spend quality time with them each day. An evening routine such as story time or snack will make a huge impact on your children. Or try picking a specific day every week for a game or movie night to set aside special time to spend together.

5. Eliminate distractions, both during the workday and when you’re home spending time with your family. While at work, time can be wasted surfing the internet, checking personal email or catching up on social media. Stay on task and, while personal relationships in the workplace are important, limit personal conversations to breaks and lunchtime. While at home, turn off your cell phone and don’t check your email while you’re spending time with your family.

As working parents, we all know how difficult it can be to balance our time between having successful careers and spending enough quality time with our families. Incorporating even a few of these strategies can help you find a better work-life balance and will ensure that everyone in the family feels valued and fulfilled while you continue to thrive in your successful career.

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