Top 5 Fidget Toys for Lawyers

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Ever find yourself fiddling with a rubber band or a clicker pen?  Then it’s time to upgrade, lawyers!  There’re hundreds of serious fidget toys on the market for those who also appreciate gadgetry.  If all this talk is making you fidget, then I’ll get to the point.  Here are the top 5:

Textured Tangle

 Think of this like a colorful, un-twistable rubber band.  Rotatable interconnecting links band it together, yet allow it to be twisted and deformed into whatever shape you want.  However twisted, it holds its shape.  It can be kept on your wrist, in a drawer, or hanging on a drawer knob. 

Spinner Ring

 Spinner rings consist of two bands – one nestled in the other to allow the outside to spin when moved by your finger.  It sounds simple, but spinning it gets addicting.  They’re very inconspicuous too – some styles look like ordinary rings.  This means you can wear it in team meetings.  Wink.

Magnetic Sculpture

 This fidget toy lets you have all the fun you want with magnets.  Magnetic pieces, which come in many themes (e.x. aquarium, people, cars, etc.), can be individually arranged on the surface of a palm-sized magnetic base – or on top of one another!  The magnet base is strong, which allows you to stack the pieces however you want.

Bike Chain Fidgeter

 Bike chains, rubber bands, and key chain rings comprise this toy.  It’s designed to let you flip and rotate it.  It fits perfectly in your hand where you’ll find yourself fidgeting with it more often than not.


  Rubber links connect to other rubber links to form a triangle chain that flips inside out when bent.  Each link rotates to allow for the flexibility.  Besides being easily concealable, this fidget toy has also been noted for providing hand therapy.  

Honorable Mention

If you’re one who falls in love with geeky things, you’ll love the list NerdMuch? put together.  From Back to the Future Desktop Hoverboards to Euler’s Spinning Disk, there’s a gadget here for everyone’s tastes.

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