Legal Films & Attorney Movies: An Oscars Reading List for Movie-Loving Lawyers

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What are the top law movies? Everyone has their opinion, but nothing’s definitive. There’s just too many great legal films and attorney movies to choose from.

But we don’t have to choose the best legal film. Instead, let’s just enjoy all the good lawyer movies that are out there.

For those who love good lawyer movies, here’s a list of articles discussing the intersection between film and law.

You a legal movie expert? Test your expertise with this quiz on Oscar-worthy legal movies

The Oscars love the law! From Inherit the Wind to A Few Good Men, Oscar heavyweights have shined the spotlight on trials and attorneys. If you’re a film-buff and a legal eagle, test your mastery by answering these questions about Oscar-worthy legal movies.

Superhero Movies: Tame When you Compare Superhero Legal Wars

What happens when superheroes wander into the courtroom and do legal battle? Not a "Hulk SMASH!” battle, but civil litigation, where superheroes aren’t afraid to throw punches.

Last year’s Oscar-winner “Spotlight”: Are we fooled by the facts?

As lawyers, we work in facts, but that doesn’t mean we’re “factual”; i.e., “concerned with what is actually the case rather than interpretations of or reactions to it.” Like everyone else, our blind spot bends to story.

A “Star Wars” Constitution: The “Bill of Rights”

Lightsabers, guns and the “force” – perfect ingredients for a long-standing battle. Could it also be the perfect ingredients for, dare I ask, another Star Wars movie?

Is Your Legal Career Reminiscent Of A Horror Film? 5 Legal Lessons from Halloween’s Classic Movie Titles [Infographic]

You’re in the courtroom and the defense is pleading their case as they show graphic pictures from a heinous crime. Lawyers can be subjected to some pretty haunting things; the crimes some see might be similar to those you see in a horror movie. In fact, we can learn a lot from horror movies.

Fictitious law: Do legal dramas positively / negatively impact the profession?

While most programs play fast and loose with the realities of the legal system (Boston Legal), some are more closely connected to the truth (The Good Wife).

“Better Call Saul”: Your legal ethics tutorial?

We all have watched television and saw a sequence of events that cause us to say the following: “That would not happen in real life” or “That isn’t true”

8 must-see movies that'll help you manage your law firm's social media

Do manage your law firm’s social media presence? Do you like movies? Thanks to Hootsuite, here are 8 must-see movies that will help you manage your firm’s social media.

Academy Award Success for Legal Movies: 25 Greatest Legal Movies

Over time Hollywood has brought us countless movies revolving around the legal profession. From “To Kill A Mockingbird” to “Philadelphia”, these movies have garnered great praise.

Former showbiz kids who have found success in law

We all have experienced that jolt of happiness found when we are flipping channels and stumble upon a favorite movie/TV show from years ago.

Best Legal Movies of All Time [infographic]

Is there a movie about the legal profession that isn’t mentioned that you’d recommend?

Moneyball for Lawyers: Hollywood Lessons for Practicing Law

What does a hit movie starring Brad Pitt have to do with how you run your law practice? Plenty.

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