“Sniffing Out” Lawyerly Personalities: What Does Your Dog Breed Say About You?

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The best dog breeds for lawyers have already been dug up, but what can dogs dig up about their lawyers?

Dogs have tons of personality – no different from us.  Often, your dog’s personality is a reflection of you… whether you’re a teacher, doctor or a lawyer.  So, if you’re a dog-loving lawyer, what does your pooch’s (or your favorite breed’s) personality say about your personality?

Bulldog and French Bulldog

You have a charismatic character, and a great sense of humor.  You’re willing to laugh even at yourself once in a while.  Not a materialistic person, you’re gentle, and have a very relaxed, laid-back nature.  Speaking of which, you’re just as content to take a nap on the couch as you are when counseling a client.


You have a huge personality.  A charmer one minute, and on guard the next.  You’re very fond of companionship, but you care most deeply about a lucky few.  You’re also quite competitive.  Needless to say, you have a big heart for the clients who need you.

German Shepherd and Beagle

You’re a very faithful, loyal person when it comes to others.  You have a strong work ethic – you’re trustworthy because of it.  Very dependable, your clients can always find support in you.  You have a hardy nature and have no trouble “burying your nose” in your work to get it done. 

Siberian Husky

Going solo, opening a law firm, or becoming partner requires moxie and a leader’s mindset – which you have in good quantity.  Until you get there, you have no problem following orders.  Hardworking, you are determined, strong-willed and actively set out to achieve your goals. 


You like to stay positive and are a sprightly person who has a comedic aspect about you.  People and clients are naturally drawn to you for these reasons.  And although you have an outgoing nature, you really take pleasure in your downtime too. 

Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever

Friendly and benevolent, you’re willing to go out of your way to help a client; you work your hardest – diligently trying to find the best outcome for them.  It’s easy for you to get along with all types of people – you’re outgoing, open-minded, and very amiable. 


You have a knack for versatility when it comes to litigation.  You’re comfortable following rules, and you’re comfortable with being an original.   You also have funny quirks; when possible, you enjoy being the center of attention.  You’re also a curious one, and like to “follow your nose”. 

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