Black History Month: Race & the Law - A list of legal articles that examine race in America

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The Kaepernick-Sit: Can “Un-American” Be Valuable?

Colin Kaepernick has the unquestionable right to kneel in protest during the national anthem. It’s a right that’s spreading to a growing number of like-minded protesters.


Retirement: The racial wealth gap we rarely talk about

Throughout our country’s history we have been reminded of the various gaps found between whites and African-Americans. History has brought many differences, however, today we acknowledge one racial gap that is rarely touched on (according to the Washington Post) and that is the retirement savings gap.




Racism, Freedom of the Press and Our Unbridled Blindness

Don’t mistake my pro-freedom for anti-protest. Racism is very much alive.


#OscarsSoWhite: Is it fair to compare the Selma to Montgomery March?

The civil rights movement is still a struggle – a violent struggle. Black Lives Matter has been marred by violence. But if #OscarsSoWhite is any indication, civil rights victories can sometimes happen in a better way; that is, outside the vacuum of risk, danger and hostility.




Ratification of the 15th Amendment

The 15th amendment has been cited in a couple court cases since its enactment in 1870. Two such cases that cited the amendment included Gomillion v. Lightfoot (1960) and Rice v. Cayetano (2000).


Slavery = college football, student-athlete says. Why I’m applauding him (and his dissenter)

As a student-athlete, he exercised his freedom of speech, and he did so where the collegiate powers are now building roadblocks: in social media.




U.S. Lawmakers Whiter Than Population

America’s elected representatives are whiter than those they represent. Despite their growing share of the U.S. population, minorities are decidedly underrepresented in nearly every state legislature and Congress, according to analysis of U.S. Census data by The Associated Press.

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