Personality Perks that Come with Being a Lawyer

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Lawyers are more than just lawyers – they’re also researchers, planners and counselors.  Their personalities are more than what meets the eye, too.  In fact, lawyers manifest traits that the rest of us wish we had!

Elements of the Lawyerly Personality

1.       Being Critical/Skeptical

Many of us believe what we hear and read – but not lawyers.  They’re always careful to question the “facts.”  They actively seek the right knowledge – better to question a potential fallacy than to believe it.

2.       Thinking like Pro Chess Players

Lawyers can’t afford to be only one step ahead – they need to be ten ahead.  Figuring out every outcome and route for their client is part of the job.  Litigation can get messy; they prep themselves to handle anything. 

3.       Thick Skin

Their days are emotionally charged with client problems, business pressures, and hyper-competition.  Lawyers therefore have to be on the emotional level of a rock – sturdy, that is.  They brunt it and bear it in the face of hardship.

4.       Incredibly Hard Working

From law school till retirement, lawyers are hard workers.  Meeting deadlines, researching, being disciplined, attaining the billable hour, and writing documents are a meager sampling of daily duties.  A hard working mindset allows them to be on the ball and to be counted on – even when the matter seems minimal.

5.       Impromptu Counselor

Lawyers like helping people.  It’s why many became lawyers in the first place.  They have a propensity for supporting people in times of stress, lending a good ear, and giving solid advice.  To many, championing the injured is an essential part of their job.

Lawyers are the manifestation of dependability, reliability, and resilience.  Surviving in the legal world isn’t for just anyone – you need the personality perks for it!

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