Office Space Ideas to De-stress Attorneys

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Lawyers everywhere are too stressed to relax at work. 

But don’t fret! 

There is a solution!

Blah! Your Current Workspace

How your work space is set up says a lot about your relaxation efforts.  Consider the traditional office:

  • white walls
  • faux wood desks and credenzas, and
  • big black chairs

This just doesn’t cut it for relaxation – it’s too boring.

Monotonous cubicles are worse.  They look professional in the traditional sense, but they smother you with a stiff, bland environment.  So, are you doing anything to make your work space feel comfortable, engaging… enjoyable?  After all, you spend most of your life there!  If you need inspiration, try these easy and fun solutions!


You don’t need to go full on feng shui to make your office space relaxing, but the practice does actually provide some useful advice for de-stressing your work space. 

If you’re stuck with your current boring furniture, liven it up!  Don’t overdo it though – clutter only increases stress levels (this includes paper smothered desks).  Instead:

  • Place meaningful knickknacks in easily viewed spots. 
  • Position your favorite item at a focal point so that it clearly stands out.  Seeing personal items that make you happy makes your work space happy and meaningful.
  • If you can, try rearranging your desk and small vanities.  Cubicle layouts can usually be rearranged too.  It simply adds a little variety to the monotony and can actually make the room fresh!

Also, optimize your office necessities.  For example, consider investing in a standing desk (cubicles offer these too).  These desks reduce the stress caused by all-day sitting.  If you like the idea of standing, but not all day, try adjustable desks!


Speaking of keeping things fresh, office friendly plants do just that!  The APA has found that office plants not only improve the air quality around you, but also substantially augment your happiness and productivity. 

Yes, you read that right: plants make you enjoy working!  And, consequently, they allow you to relax. 

It’s hard to be stressed when you’re happy! 


If you’re lucky enough to have natural light, get creative with it! 

  • Thin drapes adds a splash of vibrant color into your space, whether you like your windows open or closed. 
  • Or, place a decoration on the windowsill that will reflect or enhance the light.

Working under incandescent or fluorescent light gets dull.  To combat this:

  • Add light fixtures to your work space.  Adding a small lamp or two (I know, it sounds counterintuitive) not only adds interest to your space, but the difference in light breaks the monotony (and becomes homier).
  • Stringing up small white Christmas lights in a corner also adds a little flare, without going overboard.


Repainting your office walls might be a challenge.  After all, lawyers don’t have much extra time.  Instead, think about what you can add.

  • Greenery or flowers…
  • Colorful planting pots
  • Lamp shades
  • Colorful drapes…
  • Picture frames, or create a collage
  • A small rug or two
  • Colorful wall-hanging file organizers 

Certain colors, believe it or not, tend to relax people according to an article in Officevibe.  Blue tones have a calming/soothing effect, yellows cheer you up.  Don’t only consider these primary colors though – use neutral colors to compliment them (your traditional styled furniture and the entire cubicle counts) and to prevent color harshness.  If you need examples, check out this Pinterest board!

The Real Secret

The true secret to creating a relaxing work space is to actually create one that’s psychologically engaging.  The mind is a complex thing that, to be at ease, needs a connection to something.  That’s why you decorate your home – you’re connected to it and because of this, you’re relaxed.  It’s the same for your office space.  Now that you have some inspiration and ideas, try it out for yourself – your mind will thank you later!


Posted on : 18 Jan 2017 9:56 PM

Most important thing is something to break up the white walls, a few plants, and a comfortable chair.  That's worth a million dollars.

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