Top 6 Quotes from This Century’s Best Legal Movies
Posted on 01-30-2017 by Lauren Stemley

With the Oscars right around the corner, lawyers will once again remember – and debate – quotes from the best legal movies. The classics have been “through the ringer” already; famous quotes like: It’s always difficult... Read More

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Sharing Economy Legislation Trends in 2017
Posted on 01-30-2017 by David Giusti

The sharing economy and collaborative consumption promise disruptive change to a number of sectors and industries. The extent to which these promises are fulfilled depends a lot on the regulatory climate in Washington and the states. The Trump administration... Read More

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Trump’s Immigration Reform Legislation Trends in 2017
Posted on 01-30-2017 by David Giusti

Immigration reform will be a top legislative priority in 2017 at both the federal and state levels. President Trump made immigration reform a centerpiece of his campaign. Will his promises to secure the nation’s borders, deport undocumented/illegal... Read More

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2017 Healthcare Reform Bills & Regulation Trends To Monitor
Posted on 01-30-2017 by David Giusti

So Obamacare had some pluses and minuses . And within days after his inauguration, President Trump has put paid to his promise to repeal and replace it—or at least has signed an executive order beginning the process. What comes next? “Legislative... Read More

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President Trump and 2017 Minimum Wage Legislation
Posted on 01-30-2017 by David Giusti

Candidate Trump took conflicting positions regarding the federal minimum wage. Which policy will President Trump propose to follow? Will a Republican Congress bent on smaller government, regulatory relief for business and accelerating economic growth... Read More

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2017 Pension Reform Legislation under Trump’s Administration
Posted on 01-30-2017 by David Giusti

The Trump administration, the Republican Congress and several states have made pension reform a top legislative priority in 2017. The slated reforms would affect both public and private sector pensions. Pension reform legislation aims to solve two looming... Read More

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Personality Perks that Come with Being a Lawyer
Posted on 01-26-2017 by Lauren Stemley

Lawyers are more than just lawyers – they’re also researchers, planners and counselors . Their personalities are more than what meets the eye, too. In fact, lawyers manifest traits that the rest of us wish we had! Elements of the Lawyerly... Read More

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Time Isn’t the Work-Life Balance Solution: It’s Love
Posted on 01-23-2017 by Lauren Stemley

To decrease office time, or to not decrease it? A typical work-life balance question – but not the right question. The right question is: can you somehow balance your office hours with family bonding time? The answer’s simple…... Read More

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Further vs. Farther
Posted on 01-19-2017 by Brenda Carter

Is there a difference? Yes! If you need further proof, read on . If you have proofing questions you’d like answered, Ask the Proofer! Read More

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Office Space Ideas to De-stress Attorneys
Posted on 01-18-2017 by Lauren Stemley

Lawyers everywhere are too stressed to relax at work. But don’t fret! There is a solution! Blah! Your Current Workspace How your work space is set up says a lot about your relaxation efforts. Consider the traditional office: white... Read More

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Pennsylvania Entity Law: Major Changes & the Impacts of Act 170 – Webinar / Feb. 7th
Posted on 01-18-2017 by Lextalk Admin

Date: Tuesday, February 07, 2017 Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time Duration: 1 hour Register Now Summary Course Overview: On February 21, 2017, Act 2016-170 goes into effect. It is a comprehensive revision of Pennsylvania law on... Read More

Structuring Purchase Price Provisions with Lexis Practice Advisor®: Webinar / January 24th
Posted on 01-17-2017 by Lextalk Admin

Purchase price provisions are one of the most important components to any M&A deal. Understanding the various types of consideration, protections, and adjustments is key to ensuring you are structuring a deal that fully protects and expresses your... Read More

10 Psychological Tricks to Becoming a Happy Lawyer
Posted on 01-10-2017 by Lauren Stemley

Dissatisfied lawyers, consider this: psychology is the study of the mind and behavior of people; lawyers deal with people. See the connection? – If you haven’t thought about this already, you should start! Psychology is purely beneficial... Read More

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Law School Pyramid of Success: If Coach Wooden Had Been a Lawyer ....
Posted on 01-06-2017 by Travis Burchart

Ten NCAA Championships in 12 years (including seven in a row) ... these are the success numbers of basketball coaching great, John Wooden. Want to know Wooden’s game plan for winning? It was his Pyramid of Success , which contains 15 building... Read More