12 Best Dog Breeds for the Busy Attorney

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If you're a dog-loving lawyer, you might think, “It wouldn’t be fair to them," or "I don’t have the time.”  Surprisingly, there are dog breeds that would be a good match for your busy lifestyle! 

Considering a dog’s age, adopting an adult dog is the best candidate for the busy lawyer.  They’re already potty trained (but always ask!), and they don’t need as much attention and direction as puppies do.  Now, that said, certain breeds of dogs are more suited for lawyer’s lifestyles than others.  So, when looking, consider these 4 traits: 

  1. Low maintenance
  2. Independent natures
  3. Low physical needs
  4. Low cognitive needs

(the 12 breeds on the following list will exhibit at least 3 of these traits.)

What many busy lawyers don’t consider when finding a furry friend is that the dog has to be capable of waiting while you work – dogs get bored too, and relieve themselves of it the form of destroying the kitchen or your favorite shoes.  A dog with low cognitive needs, for example, will be more likely to sleep the day away or look out the window to pass the time because it won’t need any major stimuli. 

The Dog List! – in no particular order


These little guys hardly need to be groomed due to their short fur, but once in a while, their face wrinkles will need to be wiped.  They tend to sleep a lot, are pretty lackadaisical in nature and can get most of their exercise indoors, but they do enjoy a good romp outside once in a while.

Chow Chow

The fluffy, purple tongued, medium sized teddy bear is known for its cat-like independence.  It is also extremely loyal, and needs less than an hour of exercise a day – notwithstanding, it is pretty lazy.


Just by playing with it, the tiniest (and arguably the most clingy) dog in the world can get most of its exercise indoors – no matter how big your home is.   During downtime, they prefer sleeping the day away. Their fur is extremely easy to take care of, and they can be trained to use a litter box or a pee pad. 


These dogs fit every category on the list! Large, and known for their racing sprints, they are actually mellow, lazy, and notorious couch potatoes!  Exercise needs only consist of an hour sprinting in your yard.  Extremely short hair with little shedding makes grooming nonexistent and good for allergies.


Short and squatty, they can be trained to use a pee pad.  Grooming is minimal (or none at all depending on length) and hardly shed.  They enjoy walks or romping in the yard, but don’t need much exercise.


Known for their loyalty, and above all else, their cacophony of breathing sounds, these dogs are relatively inactive.  They enjoy walks, but would much rather be sitting or laying in their favorite spots.  Grooming is almost nonexistent due to short fur, but their face wrinkles will need to be wiped regularly.

Shih Tzu

Very elegant when their fur grows out and very cute when given the “Teddy Bear” cut, these dogs are easy to groom when their fur is cut short – and they don’t shed!  A very happy dog, they don’t need much space or exercise other than occasional walks.


Cold weather is no problem for this large, heavy boned dog.  Known for being powerful, loyal, and independent, they love their quiet time but need to go on an occasional walk or let outside to romp in your yard (true for mature dogs – however, young dogs need more exercise) for only about 45 minutes.


Having a short coat, these faithful dogs hardly need grooming – and tend to not shed much.  Short, stout, and hardy dogs, they need about an hour of exercise a day whether that be exploring your yard or going on a walk. When faced with downtime, they like to get comfy and cuddle against anything.

French Bulldog

A very miniature version of the Bulldog, these dogs have very short fur with minimal shedding – grooming is almost nonexistent.  They love relaxing and are able to get most exercise indoors.


Known for “yodeling” instead of barking, they are small to medium size, and very cat-like. These dogs are for the one who handles stubbornness, independence, and reservation well.  Being mellow, they love long periods of inactivity and only need an hour of exercise each day.


One word.  Wrinkles.  This medium sized, extremely short haired dog has a devoted, loyal, but independent temperament.  They only need an hour of exercise a day and are quite happy laying around.

Not every dog will have the exact same temperament, so when adopting your furry friend, pay attention to how they behave with you.  Also, do your research beforehand so you have a better understanding of the breed you’re interested in.  


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